'This Week' Transcript: EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Joe Biden

STEPHANOPOULOS: He probably knows better. And, Cynthia, the other thing, if you saw Bill Clinton's experience, he actually had probably more success politically -- even though he passed his agenda with the Democrats in the first year, '93, but after Republicans take control in '94, his political comeback begins in '95.

TUCKER: Well, George was saying earlier, George Will, that Republicans were never actually that disciplined. Well, they simply -- they looked very disciplined, compared to Democrats.

As Will Rogers famously said, "I belong to no organized political party. I'm a Democrat." Having 60 votes doesn't mean a great deal for the Democrats, as it turned out.

STEPHANOPOULOS: They've been pretty disciplined so far this year.

TUCKER: They have been somewhat disciplined. But you remember, George Bush got those 60 Republican senators to march in lockstep with him throughout most of the time that they had those votes. Even as his popularity with much of the public was beginning to decline, he still got Republicans to march in lockstep.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Tony Blankley, 15 seconds left. Can Barack Obama get that same discipline?

BLANKLEY: I think they are pretty disciplined right now. I think Franken is an important vote. It's not decisive, but it means that Collins is less decisive in shaping the final deal on a bill, because Franken will be, if anything, to Obama's left, not to his right.

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK, I want you guys to continue this in the green room.

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