Transcript: Sens. Durbin and Kyl

STEPHANOPOULOS: And she'll also point to her record and say, if you look at my record, it's not a record of bias.

ROBERTS: Oh, of course, of course. And we've also just heard that she met with 89 senators. So, you know, she has gone through the worst of it already.

STEPHANOPOULOS: She certainly has.

One thing, I was surprised at, Donna, George talked about this Ricci decision. And one thing that Frank Ricci, the firefighter, is going to actually testify at these hearings. But you're starting to see some complaints that Democrats have asked for more investigation of his background.

They say he's litigious. That seems to be like playing with fire. DONNA BRAZILE, ABC ANALYST: Well, first of all, I don't think the judge will have any problem explaining her reasoning between the Ricci decision, because at the time that was the law, the equal employment opportunity law, Title VII.

What the Supreme Court did was set aside that law and made a new ruling in order to rule in favor of the white firefighters. I don't think she will have any problems explaining that, her "wise Latina" comment in the context of 17 years of being on the bench, and that she has followed the rule of law throughout her entire career.

STEPHANOPOULOS: One thing, though. Sam, she's been 17 years on the bench but has not had the kind of experience arguing before the Supreme Court like John Roberts had or teaching constitutional law recently.

So I know that her advisers are setting expectations a little bit low, saying you can't expect to have some kind of a brilliant constitutional scholar here?

SAM DONALDSON, ABC NEWS: Well, maybe not. But it's interesting to me that the Republicans have adopted a, kind of, a three-P strategy, posturing -- here I am; I have questions -- pandering to a party base, which seems to believe that anyone to the left of Genghis Khan is not acceptable -- and positioning, which is probably wise, in case the president should, in his next appointment, lose track of where he is and appoint someone like, you know, Harriet Miers.

Let me just say that I would remind you that Antonin Scalia, the fierce conservative on the court, was confirmed at a time that Democrats controlled the Senate. He was confirmed 98-0, two Republicans being absent who would have voted for him.

I think she'll be confirmed handily, and I hope with a few Republican votes.

STEPHANOPOULOS: She'll be confirmed handily; I think that's right.

But these are different days, Bob Woodward. And I think in part because of the Democrat strategy against Judge Alito that we just saw there. President Obama, Dick Durbin, several other Democrats -- 25, I think -- joined a filibuster. More than that voted no.

So we're not going to see a 98-0 vote, here, or anything like that?

BOB WOODWARD, WASHINGTON POST: I expect not. You know, there's always the surprise factor. Somebody may come up with something. She may say something that's controversial. She's quite capable of that.

What I find interesting is how much she wants this job. If you look at her biography, she prepared all of her life for it. She really has experience.

Apparently, when Obama met with her, she -- she really blew him away on the constitutional law issues, which she understands. The question is, if she's confirmed, what's her impact going to be on the court?

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