Transcript: Newt Gingrich and Howard Dean


STEPHANOPOULOS (voice-over): Good morning, and welcome to "This Week."

Health care town halls gone wild.

(UNKNOWN): I don't want the government to do it for me!

STEPHANOPOULOS: Passionate questions.

(UNKNOWN): I want to know if it's coming out of my paycheck.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Raucous crowds. Both sides dig in.

(UNKNOWN): Health care now!

STEPHANOPOULOS: This morning, the debate sweeping the country with our exclusive headliners, Newt Gingrich...

GINGRICH: I don't want the government to try to run things.

STEPHANOPOULOS: ... and Howard Dean.

DEAN: If you're not going to have a public option, don't pretend you're doing health care reform.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Gingrich and Dean, face to face, a "This Week" debate.


CLINTON: The pictures were worth a million words.

STEPHANOPOULOS: ... Bill Clinton's mission.

CLINTON: I'm not a policymaker.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Is the breakthrough with North Korea another comeback for him? That and the rest of the week's politics on a special expanded roundtable with Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haas, Sam Donaldson, Cokie Roberts, Matthew Dowd, and Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal.

And, as always, the Sunday funnies.

CRAIG FERGUSON, TALK SHOW HOST: After the journalists landed, Al Gore gave a speech. Now, I don't want to say that Al went on too long, but about half way through the speech, the women are like, "We can go back to prison if you want."



ANNOUNCER: From the heart of the nation's capital, "This Week" with ABC News chief Washington correspondent George Stephanopoulos, live from the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Hello again. Health care may be the most personal issue Washington confronts, and this week there was plenty of evidence to back that up.

Town halls on health care went viral. Members of Congress everywhere got tough questions. Some got shouted down. As the rhetoric heated up, we even heard Nazi Germany invoked.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: You be the judge. They're carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on health care.

LIMBAUGH: There are far more similarities between Nancy Pelosi and Adolf Hitler than between these people showing up at town halls to protest a Hitler-like policy.


STEPHANOPOULOS: And with that, let's have our own debate with two men at the center of the conversation, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Vermont Governor and DNC Chair Howard Dean, also the author of a new book, "Howard Dean's Prescription for Real Health Care Reform."

And, Mr. Speaker, let me begin with you. I wonder, are you comfortable with the tone of these town meetings? As you know, Democrats have said that a lot of this grassroots activity is manufactured AstroTurf, and they say the goal is to shut down conversation, not encourage it.

GINGRICH: You know, I -- I spent 20 years doing town hall meetings. I once had 800 machinist members on an Eastern strike for three hours, and they got to shout all they wanted.

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