Transcript: Clinton and Giuliani

STEPHANOPOULOS: The word of the week in Washington seems to be off-ramps. That's what the President is pushing for, off-ramps out of Afghanistan. What is the off-ramp out of Afghanistan?

CLINTON: Well, I think you know we want to get al-Qaeda, George, and we're very clear about that and we see it as part of our integrated strategy looking at Afghanistan and Pakistan as a theater in which we have to operate. We have made it clear to the Pakistanis, as well as to the Afghans and others that we want to do everything we can to disrupt dismantle and defeat al-Qaeda.

And when we talk about on-ramps, off-ramps, whatever the terminology of the day might be, you know, that's a kind of shorthand. What we're trying to figure out is, what is the best decision the President can make to achieve our primary core objectives?

You know, we're not interested in staying in Afghanistan. We have no long-term stake there. We want that to be made very clear. We came to do a mission. Unfortunately it was not achieved in the last eight years. In fact, the mission was changed because it could not be achieved, or it no longer was the primary goal that was expressed in the prior administration. Well, our goal is very clear. We want to get the people who attacked us and we want to prevent them and their syndicate of terrorism from posing a threat to us, our allies and our interests.

STEPHANOPOULOS: While you are there the Attorney General announced that he was going to be prosecuting al-Qaeda members in U.S. criminal courts in Manhattan, in New York City, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four of his of his alleged accomplices. And that came under some fire, including from the former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani who's our next guest. Here's what the mayor had to say about that decision.


RUDY GUILIANI, FORMER MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY: This was an act of war and an act of terror. They should be prosecuted, they should be prosecuted in a Military tribunal. We would not have tried the people who attacked Pearl Harbor in a civilian court in Hawaii for what they did.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Now it is true that during World War II we tried Nazis who crossed our borders in Military courts, in Military tribunals. Why is it so important to have these trials in Federal criminal courts?

CLINTON: Well, of course, George, this is a decision that the Attorney General, the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense have made after extensive, exhaustive review.

Look, I was a senator for eight years. I was a senator on 9/11. My goal is to make sure that the mastermind and the other implementers and designers of this horrific attack on us pay the ultimate penalty for what they did to the United States and to a lot of people whom I know and who I had the honor of representing.

The Attorney General determined after consulting with veteran prosecutors that this was the case that appropriately can be brought in our Federal courts. Other cases will be brought in the Military commissions. I'm not going to second guess the Attorney General.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The State Department has the job of trying to find homes for the 90 or so prisoners at Guantanamo who've been cleared for release but there's no country that will take them.

How long will it take to find places for those 90 detainees? And will that delay, how much further will that delay the closing of Guantanamo?

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