'Voices of Iraq' -- Oct. 17, 2004

A weekly feature on This Week.


Three filmmakers distributed 150 digital video cameras to people throughout Iraq and asked them to describe life after Saddam. The result is a documentary called "Voices of Iraq."

Voice 1: "Like the world, we want democracy, computers, Internet, not what we are dealing with now."

Voice 2: "Was it better under Saddam?"

Voice 1: "No, now is better -- much, much better."

Voice 3: "I hope to travel outside of Iraq."

Voice 4: "I hope the world will see our smiles."

Voice 5: "I hope Iraq will be the greatest country in the world."

Voice 6: "I know Americans. When you get into conversations with someone they say, 'I did not come here to change your religion; I came here to get you freedom.' If I knew this was going to be freedom, I wish to get back to the situation before the war."

Voice 7: "Under Saddam, we had security but worked for nothing. Now there's no security, but I earn a living."

Voice 8: "After 35 years, now we can travel, we can see everything. So now I have my passport. We have our passports."

Voice 9: "So Iraq was [a] big prison … and now I think it's open."

Voice 2: "Our situation is terrible. We have been through everything you could imagine. We're not even safe in our own homes."

Voice 6: "Just one message to the president, George Bush, and the next president and the American people: I want every soldier to leave and to pull the troops here from Iraq because you do not know what both are suffering."


In this week's "Funnies," more mileage from the debates. …

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

Leno: "The candidates were asked if they thought homosexuality was a choice. And John Kerry said it wasn't a choice. Good thing for him it's not. If it were a choice, he'd still be going, 'I don't know, maybe I could, I could not.'"

Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Kimmel: "Look at this instant viewer response poll. They did this thing on CNN Headline News. Look at this."

Comic Voiceover Explaining Focus Group Results: "A CNN focus group used electronic key pads to highlight the way men and women responded differently throughout the debate. The gender gap was especially evident on certain issues. When Kerry discussed healthcare, watch the yellow line representing women spike. On guns, both men and women responded to Bush. And when Kerry talked about lesbians, the fellows went nuts."

Kimmel: "We have come so far as a nation."

Real Time with Bill Maher:

Maher: "I am not a conspiracy theorist, but look at this picture. [Cut to over-the-shoulder shot of President Bush from the first presidential debate.] I don't know. People have been talking about this. Is that something? Does that not look like a pack and a wire in his back? We still don't know what the deal is with that thing in Bush's back. But I can tell you: If God has a sense of humor, it is something that could only be cured with stem cell research."