Coming up: Colin Powell in a 'This Week' EXCLUSIVE

tw/ABC News

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell comes to "This Week" for an EXCLUSIVE interview this Memorial Day weekend to talk about the importance of honoring those who serve and weigh in on America's foreign policy challenges.

As tensions ratchet up with North Korea and Iran, and with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, "This Week" anchor Jake Tapper will ask General Powell whether the President's strategy is the right approach in confronting the national security challenges of the 21st century. Also, how does Powell respond to the proposed compromise that could hasten the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law? Plus, the latest on Grad Nation, Powell's effort to promote education and curb the high school dropout epidemic.

Plus, Jake Tapper goes to the Gulf Coast for an exclusive interview with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for the latest on the efforts to protect his state from the BP oil spill catastrophe. Is the federal government doing enough? Has the response been too slow? Gov. Bobby Jindal in a Sunday exclusive.

Then on the roundtable: George Will, political strategist Matthew Dowd, Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune, and Joan Walsh of will look at all the week's politics including the administration's handling of the BP oil spill and President Obama sending additional troops to the Mexican border. That and all the week's politics, Sunday, only on "This Week."

You won't want to miss it.