In Memoriam -- Sept. to Dec. 2004

"We adopted a so-called step-by-step diplomacy. And that's what the shuttle diplomacy was all about -- a limited, disengagement between Egypt and Israel."

Ancel Keys, 100 -- Nutritionist who invented K rations.

Jim Mollen, 48 -- U.S. Embassy officer shot in Baghdad.

Nov. 21, 2004

Cy Coleman, 75 -- Tony award-winning composer who wrote the songs "Witchcraft," "Hey, Look Me Over" and "The Best Is Yet to Come."

Dayton Allen, 85 -- Cartoon voice actor who was the voice of Deputy Dawg and Heckle & Jeckle.

Reed Irvine, 82 -- Founder of Accuracy in Media.

"Now, I think what we ought to see -- what I wish we'd see -- is a greater willingness on part of the media to give the other side of the story."

Margaret Hassan, 59 -- Director of CARE in Iraq.

Nov. 14, 2004

Yasser Arafat, 75 -- Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization; signed 1993 Oslo Accord and won 1994 Nobel Peace Prize.

"Our goal is to establish our democratic state where Jews, Christians [and] Muslims can live together in equal footing and equal steps."

Iris Chang, 36 -- Author, "The Rape of Nanking."

"My mother and father had said that the rape of Nanking had been so intense that thousands upon thousands of people were killed, and the bodies that had been thrown into the river during the carnage literally made the water turn red. And I remember as a child wanting to learn more about this."

Howard Keel, 85 -- Actor, star of MGM musicals who also starred in the hit TV series "Dallas."

Pete Jolly, 72 --Jazz musician who performed TV theme songs and on movie soundtracks.

Nov. 7, 2004

Joe Bushkin, 87 -- Pianist who performed with Billie Holiday, Bing Crosby, Artie Shaw and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

"I was one of the lucky guys who played with the bands I loved playing with. And it was a real break, you know, making a living doing what I enjoyed most."

Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, 86 -- President and founder of United Arab Emirates, whose net worth was $20 billion. UAE is one of the world's top oil producers.

Oct. 31, 2004

Robert Merrill, 87 -- Baritone with the Metropolitan Opera who performed on opening day at Yankee Stadium for three decades.

Lester Lanin, 97 -- Band leader who played at 11 presidential inaugurations.

"When you're on the bandstand and they're dancing, they don't dance to your age; they dance to the music and the beat. If it's good, it's good."

Vaughn Meader, 68 -- JFK satirist whose "The First Family" album sold more than 7 million copies.

George Silk, 87 -- Photographer for LIFE magazine who used the "strip camera" to capture the art of motion.

"I just instinctively work with light. I didn't know; I had no schooling. I had that already in me very strongly."

Oct. 24, 2004

Paul Nitze, 97 -- Architect of Cold War policy and veteran arms control negotiator.

Anthony Hecht, 81 -- Poet; winner of 1968 Pulitzer Prize.

Ed Seitz -- U.S. diplomatic security officer.

Oct. 17, 2004

Pierre Salinger, 79 -- former White House press secretary, U.S. senator and ABC News correspondent.

Christopher Reeve, 52 -- Actor and advocate for spinal cord research.

"I get pretty impatient with people who are able-bodied but are somehow paralyzed for other reason -- all the reasons people don't become what they could become or don't fill their potential. And they're walking around able-bodied, and I'm going, 'Come on, come on. Go for it!'"

Oct. 10, 2004

Janet Leigh, 77 -- Actress.

Rodney Dangerfield, 82 -- Comedian.

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