Barack Obama Interview: Complete Transcript

And what I want to do is try as much as possible to spend the remaining weeks and potentially months of the campaign talking about the issues that all Democrats should be concerned about, and I think all Americans should be concerned about. You know, I already mentioned making sure that we have tax relief for middle-income and working Americans.

I think that the issue of college affordability is absolutely critical, so I've proposed a $4,000 tuition tax credit for every student every year in exchange for national service. We've got to talk about energy and climate change, which I think is going to be extraordinarily important not just for our economy and our environment, but also for our national security.

And finally, I don't want the war in Iraq to be forgotten. I think that I continue to meet every single day young men and young women who have been injured in war, families who are being strained by the fourth or fifth rotation. We're still spending $9 billion every single month that we could be investing in broadband lines in rural areas and rebuilding bridges and roads here in the United States of America.

That has to be our focus. And in fact, there has been a convergence on a lot of ideas among the Democrats. My suspicion is that by the time we get a Democratic nominee, the party will be unified and it will be energized.

We have doubled turnout, essentially, in every single contest from what we did four years ago. And we are seeing huge numbers of independents and Republicans flock into the Democratic primary. So there are a lot more folks who want change than folks who are satisfied with the status quo.

I think that bodes well for the November elections.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So you believe the party will come together. Senator Obama, thanks very much for your time this morning.

OBAMA: It was great to talk to you, George. Thank you.


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