Transcript: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice


DECEMBER 7, 2008

STEPHANOPOULOS: Good morning and welcome to this week. Our headliner this morning, the secretary of state. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

RICE: The terrorists can't get away with this kind of attack.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Just back from India and Pakistan, with advice for Hillary.


RICE: I know her to be somebody who has what you need most in this job.


STEPHANOPOULOS: And a look back at eight years of crises.


RICE: I think that we've had a good run.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Condoleezza Rice reflects.



PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: Our economy is in a recession.

UNKNOWN: You don't know if you're going to have a job the next day or not.


STEPHANOPOULOS: After staggering job loss, will Congress bail out the big three? What more must be done?


UNKNOWN: We're busting our guts.

UNKNOWN: Don't let us down. Don't let America down.


STEPHANOPOULOS: An exclusive interview with the head of the United Auto Workers, Ron Gettelfinger.

George Will, Cokie Roberts, Peggy Noonan and E.J. Dionne debate all the week's politics on our roundtable.

And, as always, the Sunday Funnies.


JAY LENO, TONIGHT SHOW HOST: This week, they will flip the switch on the White House Christmas tree, which has over 25,000 lights on it -- one light for every CEO that's looking for a bailout.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Hello again. We begin today in one of her final interviews as secretary of state, with Condoleezza Rice. Madam Secretary, welcome back to "This Week."

RICE: Thank you. Good to be with you, George.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So, you are not coasting in your final days. Just back from India and Pakistan, of course, after those horrific attacks in Mumbai.

And it was reported in the Pakistani press that you were quite tough with the Pakistanis. I want to show something that was written in "Dawn," the Pakistani newspapers.

It says that Rice told Pakistan, "There is irrefutable evidence of involvement of elements in the country in the Mumbai attacks, and that it needs to act urgently and effectively to avert a strong international response. Sources said she pushed the Pakistani leaders to take care of perpetrators. Otherwise, the U.S. will act."

What exactly did you ask the Pakistanis to do, and will the U.S. take unilateral action if they don't?

RICE: Well, I did say to the Pakistanis that the argument that these are non-state actors is not acceptable. In fact, non-state actors acting from your territory is still your responsibility.

Obviously, there are issues of arrests of people who might have been involved. First, of course, to involve themselves very transparently in the investigation.

There may have been support elements -- not of the Pakistani government, but within Pakistan -- that were helping these terrorists.

STEPHANOPOULOS: There's one report that said that you asked for them to turn over and arrest the former head of Pakistani intelligence.

RICE: Well, I don't want to get too detailed about this. This is counterterrorism work. And obviously, I don't want to tip their hand or ours.

But this is a time when Pakistan must act. They must act in concert with India, with the United States. Great Britain is helping.

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