'This Week' Transcript: Brown, Corker, Gibbs

TAPPER: There has been, in New Mexico, some questions about a contributor to your new designated commerce secretary, pending Senate confirmation, Bill Richardson.

How confident are you that Governor Richardson and all of your proposed Cabinet nominees will clear the Senate confirmation process?

GIBBS: Well, look, what President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden and the transition team have done is put together what we think is a great Cabinet, with many, many strong choices that will be able to tackle the many problems and challenges that this country faces.

TAPPER: So you're confident he'll be the commerce secretary?

GIBBS: I don't doubt that any -- in the case of Governor Richardson and in the case of anybody else, I think at the end of the day, you'll have a very strong cabinet in place that's confirmed in a way that allows the president-elect to hit the ground running on the 20th of January.

TAPPER: But you're about to enter a sphere of fame that you're probably not prepared for.

GIBBS: Definitely not prepared for.

TAPPER: Considering what a pinata the press secretary's job is, why would you want this job?

GIBBS: I think it's a tremendously important time in our country's history, and if I can help the president through the role of the spokesperson that talks to the country every day, in a briefing room, or through the work of reporters, that doing that and furthering an agenda that will bring about change and move the country forward -- that's a hard opportunity to say no to.

TAPPER: President-elect Obama's favorite movie is "The Godfather," and he was asked which character in "The Godfather" you remind him of. His first instinct was to say Tom Hagen, who is the attorney, the consiglieri, played by Robert Duvall.


ROBERT DUVALL, ACTOR: Things are starting to loosen up a little bit. If you go after Tattaglia, all hell's going to break loose. Let the smoke clear. Pop can negotiate.


TAPPER: But he said also you have a little Sunny in you too.


JAMES CAAN, ACTOR: No, no, no more. Not this time, Consiglieri. No more meetings, no more discussions, no more Sollozzo tricks!


TAPPER: What do you think that meant?

GIBBS: There's no question that everybody has different styles, and I think the president-elect in that article said that, you know, there's times in which I can be combative for his point of view, and I don't doubt that that's at times going to happen.

TAPPER: I know that you've met privately with former press secretaries, but we also talked to some press secretaries ourselves and asked them to give you some advice.


WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY DANA PERINO: I think one of the best pieces of advice I ever gotten was to not take the questions in the briefing rooms personally. It can sometimes feel like they're coming after you or coming after him through you.


GIBBS: I should be writing this thing down.

TAPPER: We'll get you a transcript.


TAPPER: Is that going to be tough for you? You are known to a degree as a political knife fighter. I think that's what the president-elect was getting at when he compared you to Santino, who was not a good don, by the way. Too emotional.

There were some times during the campaign you probably took things personally a little bit.

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