'This Week' Transcript: Arnold Schwarzenegger

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, with some banks, that's maybe necessary. I think the most important thing is, how do we create stability in this country? And I think this is why it is very important that the administration has a very clear message and not change it.

I think that what America has really gone through, a huge challenge just this last year, because we have had a different administration. They have a different way of thinking. No -- no one here is right or wrong, but a different way of thinking.

Then, in the middle of this crisis, you had a change of administration. Now this administration is in for a month. You can't expect them all of a sudden to have all the answers and all of those things. They need still time to warm up and to get going.

And he has some -- Obama has some terrific people there in those leadership positions. And so I have total confidence in them.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You've had a lot of praise for the president and his team and his plans over the last several weeks. And a lot of Republicans hear that and say, "Wait a second. You don't agree with us on the stimulus. You're supporting President Obama on energy and the environment and his budget plans. You don't agree with us on abortion or gay rights. So why are you still a Republican?"

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, because I still believe in the Republican principles, but remember one thing, that it doesn't really matter if you're a Republican or Democrat. I think that so many people get caught up with this whole thing.

We are elected to be public servants. So what does it matter if you're a Democrat or a Republican? When people need to have roads built, when we talk about infrastructure in America, we need $1.7 trillion to $2 trillion of infrastructure in America. Who cares if you're a Republican or Democrat? Everyone is using the roads. Everyone would use high-speed rail. Everyone uses the infrastructure and all of those things, the schools, the kids.

It doesn't matter. We should go beyond all this. Is it a Republican idea or is it a Democratic idea? Which philosophy does it fall under? It doesn't matter.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You're trying...

SCHWARZENEGGER: We've got to rebuild America. And we've got to help people, be public servants, not party servants.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You're trying to further that by having this system of open primaries...


STEPHANOPOULOS: ... in California. Whoever -- everyone runs, the top two finishers, whatever party they come from, they're on the ballot in the general election. You seem to have unified both parties with that idea, the Republican Party leadership, Democratic Party leadership both against it. Do you really think it can make a difference?

SCHWARZENEGGER: It will make a huge difference. And remember one thing: It's always great when the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is against something, because that means it's good for the people. That is the bottom line.

Open primaries is good for the people because then people don't have to make decision and say things to appeal with their party so they can win the primary and then, all of a sudden, they have to come to the middle. So to say something totally different that is one campaign and, later on, they have to campaign for the overall to -- to -- to win the election.

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