Transcript: Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen

STEPHANOPOULOS: That last ad from the group called Americans United. And, Donna, Democrats were pretty frustrated this week. That credit card bill passed. This hardly gets any attention, given this national security debate. And Republicans on Capitol Hill and around the country seem pretty happy that they were front and center with their national security arguments this week.

BRAZILE: I think the Democrats should have known that the Republicans were going to use the entire issue of Gitmo Bay to -- to, sort of, put the Democrats on the defense.

We saw it in the House and then, every day, McConnell went out there, the minority leader, and hammered the president: no plan, no plan, where is the plan? And clearly the Democrats were caught without a plan, as something to say, hey, we have a response to this.

So the president was forced to go out there and regain the moral higher ground. But the Democrats really can go home this week and tell the American people that they are still dealing with the economy, dealing with the issues that they care about. Meanwhile, the Republicans are looking for distractions. And, clearly, this week the Republicans found something to chew on.

BROOKS: You know the old line that, when two guys fight over a girl, it's the fight they want, not the girl.


That's what this week reminds me of. We have a bipartisan anti- terror policy in this country. If you take the anti-terror policy of the last four years of the Bush administration and stack it up with the first four months of the Obama administration, you have the same policy, with some adjustments on renditions, on secret prisons, on habeas corpus, even on Gitmo.

STEPHANOPOULOS: President Bush said he wanted to close Guantanamo, just didn't have a plan.

BROOKS: Right. And Condi Rice and people in that administration went around Capitol Hill, went to country after country saying, we want to close Gitmo, please take the prisoners. It never occurred to them they could announce the closure first and then figure out what to do with the prisoners later.

It's the same policy. So buy nobody can admit that. Dick Cheney wants to pretend Obama has changed the policy and is making us unsafe. Obama wants to pretend he changed from the dark days of the Bush administration. It's the same policy.

WILL: Whereas the truth is, according to Professor Goldsmith, worked in the Bush administration, objected successfully to many of the Bush administration policies, he says the following.

"The new administration has copied most of the Bush anti- terrorism program, has expanded some of it and has narrowed only a bit. Almost all of the Obama changes have been at the level of packaging, argumentation, symbol, and rhetoric."

STEPHANOPOULOS: And White House does not like this argument at all, but when you look at keeping preventive detention, restoring tribunals, although a revised form of them, blocking the release of the photos, there are a lot of similarities.

WILL: Rendition.

DIONNE: You know, I think it's worth remembering that Bush changed his policy after three Supreme Court decisions.

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