Bipartisanship in Washington?

Honorary chairs of No Labels Sen. Joe Manchin and Jon Huntsman on "This Week."
5:38 | 01/13/13

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Transcript for Bipartisanship in Washington?
I am voting yes. Edwin f. Leclerc. No. Oh, to hell with it. Shoot me dead too. Yes. Seen there from "lincoln" earned a dozen oscar nominations this week. It shows congress maman clay hawkins and others breaking with their party to owe post slavery. The new chairs of the no label movement, joe manchin and former presidential candidate jon huntsman. Thank you both for joining us and, senator manchin, let me begin with you. The motto of no label, stop fighting and start fixing. Admirable goals, but what is your specific goal and how do you intend to get there? George, basically jon and i were talking about this earlier, you know, I've been there two years in the senate and I have yet to have a bipartisan meeting that's been organized where republicans and democrats in the senate sit down and work through their problems. Think about just in the senate we don't have that type of dialogue going on from democrats and republicans. We don't even know our colleagues over in the house. No labels gives us that venue. And ambassador huntsman, there's going to be a test of that strategy on so many issues including the issue of preventing gun violence one month after newtown. I was surprised to see there's no mention of that issue on the no labels website. Pretty conspicuous in its absence. Is that a punt? This is not about finding the end point about policy issues but creating a pathway that speaks to problem solving, so the whole attempt here, george, is to create a new attitude that speaks to problem solving. It's not about ideology. It's about extreme partisanship. That's the problem today, so joe and I have come together. We both have a background as governors. We know what it means to make progress for the people you represent. What it means to be problem solvers. So our attempt here, and you ask the specific question about what to do about it, well, you can't do anything about problem solving unless you get a group of people together on capitol hill who are dedicated to putting country first and making decisions that are right for the future as opposed to the next election. Senator manchin, what does it mean to put country first along this issue of guns. We'll hear from vice president biden. Earlier you heard from newtown and you said you hoped to get the nra on board for the effort of trying to come up with a solution. We know that vice president biden is going to talk about universal background checks. We know he's going to talk about some kind of limits on high-capacity gun magazines. How far are you prepared to go and can you bring the nra along? George, basically we have a cultural -- we have to change the culture of mass violence we have. If you think it's only about guns and that would change the culture, you'd be wrong. If you think it's only about the lack of mental illness coverage that we give and -- you'd be wrong there, and if you think it's only about the media with the video games, it takes an all-in approach. I have linked up with and I will BE WITH john McCain introducing a bill that joe lieberman, our dear friend, has been championing for a long time putting a commission about mass violence together and bring experts from all different fields and you bring people such as myself that are nra members that have been sportsmen all our lives and look for a commonsense approach to how we change the culture of violence in america. Are universal background checks common sense? All of these things need to be looked at, but if it's all on one piece of legislation and one piece of legislation only, then you get something that's much broader. If you just pinpoint, george, on one and say it's guns, whether it's the magazines or whatever, you're going to have a harder time getting through the political process we have right today. So are you saying no action until after this commission report? I'm saying that basically you have to have an all-in approach. Right now I don't know if you have the professionals from the standpoint sitting down, people like myself who have been using guns all of our lives, people that are in the health care arena that are professionals with mental illness and the lack of care for mental illness and also the video, the media. I would tell all of my friends in nra, I will work extremely hard, and I will guarantee there will not be an encroachment on your second amendment right, the same as I would guarantee that for the first amendment right, but, you know, in this atmosphere we have in washington today, there used to be guilt by association. It's almost guilt by conversation. Ambassador huntsman, when you try to take on your party's orthodoxy last year during the presidential race and tried to run for president and a lot looked at it and said, boy, it can't be done inside the republican party. Do you get any sense that members of your party are going to be receptive to the kind of message you have right now and if you run for president again, can it be as a republican or will it have to be as an independent or another third party? Well, I'm not worried about myself. I'm worried about my country. We have politics of right and left and center but forgot the most important thing for the american people and that's the politics of problem solving. So getting a bloc of can do problem solvers as we're beginning to do on capitol hill who begin to sit down, whether it's around gun control which is a very complicated issue, joe and I were just talking about this, I mean we've been shooting since we were 5 or 6 years old, we come from cultures of guns, utah and west virginia, and within five minutes, we put together some ideas that probably would represent a good compromise package between republicans and democrats. There's a deal to be had -- which includes? Well, you've got to get problem solvers around the table. Gentlemen, thanks for your time this morning. Good luck with no labels.

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{"id":18202467,"title":"Bipartisanship in Washington?","duration":"5:38","description":"Honorary chairs of No Labels Sen. Joe Manchin and Jon Huntsman on \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bipartisanship-washington-18202467","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}