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Out of control, the bailout that's spreading fast. And now the race to save two Americans quickened with a killer virus. This morning, breaking details on the emergency mission to bring the first patient home.

Border bedlam: no action from Congress on the surging humanitarian crisis. Our reporter on the ground with the dramatic impact on the border patrol. And the families still crossing over.

Then remember this was quickest moments with the legend who brought so many of them home.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Time for Dodger baseball.


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC HOST: Good morning. It's an image sparking hope and fear for so many Americans, Christian missionary and Ebola patient Dr. Kent Brantly back in the U.S. walking in the Emory University Hospital Saturday then reuniting with his wife through a glass wall.

ABC's Bazi Kanani starts us off with the latest on this experimental operation to bring Brantly home.


BAZI KANANI, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Dr. Kent Brantly arriving Saturday, the first Ebola patient on U.S. soil whisked through Atlanta by ambulance then that's him on the right in a full biosuit walking with assistance into a special isolation unit at Emory University. A 5,000-mile trip from Liberia on a jet modified with a protective tent to prevent contact with bodily fluids, which is how the killer virus is spread.

Officials say they're confident his treatment and that of his colleagues at Nancy Writebol, who will arrive in a few days, won't put the public at risk.

DR. BRUCE RIBNER, EMORY UNIVERSITY: We do not believe that any health care worker, any other patient or any -- or visitor to our facility is in any way at risk of acquiring this infection.

KANANI: Meanwhile, in West Africa, the biggest Ebola outbreak in history already called out of control by aid groups in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone is only getting worse; more than 700 dead so far.

Governments reacting with drastic new measures, soldiers on the streets, disinfectant sprayed in public spaces and schools closed.

What is the situation there on the ground in Liberia?

LEWIS BROWN, LIBERIA'S INFORMATION MINISTER: Well, actually, the situation is dire. Our health care capabilities and capacities are truly overstretched and overtaxed.

KANANI: Here, protesters (INAUDIBLE) bodies to be removed, then a standoff when (INAUDIBLE) refused to be taken to Ebola treatment clinics.

Back in the U.S., 20 quarantine stations are ready in case infected travelers arrive and caution in Washington, where participates arriving from the infected countries for the U.S.-Africa summit will be screened.

Authorities on alert should another case of Ebola turn up unexpectedly.

For THIS WEEK, Bazi Kanani, ABC News, Washington.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Our thanks to Bazi Kanani for that. And joining us now from Atlanta, the head of the Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Tom Frieden. And our own Dr. Richard Besser, also veteran of the CDC.

And Rich, let me begin with you.

Tell us a little bit more. You've been inside that isolation chamber. Tell us a little bit more about it and what the prognosis is for Dr. Brantly now.

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