'This Week' Transcript: Barbara Walters Exclusive with Massachusetts Senator-Elect Scott Brown

WALTERS: Were you worried -- or are you worried that this can make you a little bit of a joke?

BROWN: No. I was 22 years old. My -- my grandmother saw it. She laughed. You know, you have to have a sense -- have to have sense of humor about yourself. It wasn't Playgirl. It was Cosmo. You know being Bert Reynolds -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Davidson, David Hasselhoff also did it. And I'm the -- the only non, you know, famous person who did it back then.

WALTERS: What would you say if one of your daughters came to you and said, "Dad I want to pose nude?"

BROWN: Well I would leave it up to their discretion. I don't think that's in the -- in the cards though.

WALTERS: You know some women have said to me, "If a woman did a nude centerfold spread" -- even if it was more than 20 years ago -- they're not sure that she would be elected senator, because there's a double standard. What do you think?

BROWN: I think if someone is qualified, regardless of what they did in their youth -- we all make mistakes. I'm not perfect. And do I regret doing that? No. Cause if I hadn't done that, I never would have been sitting here with you. It's all connected. So is there a double standard? I hope not. If someone is qualified to do the job, they should be able to do it, regardless of what they've done in their past.

WALTERS: Let's talk about your daughters. In that victory speech…

BROWN: "In case anyone who's watching throughout the country they're both available. No, no no. No. Only kidding, only kidding."


WALTERS: Oh, I'll bet. I'll bet.


WALTERS: Well one isn't available.

BROWN: No. No. Her boyfriend was mad at me. But she -- she's good.

WALTERS: Your daughter, Ayla was a contestant on American Idol...


WALTERS: ... in 2006, at which time Simon Cowell described her performance as...

BROWN: Robotic.

WALTERS: You remember. Robotic, and empty.


WALTERS: Here's your chance. What would you like to say to Mr. Cowell?

BROWN: I'd love to have him have her on the show again because she's grown as well. She was 17, and she had never even put on makeup until she walked in the American Idol studios.

WALTERS: So you're asking him to please give her another chance?

BROWN: I've love them to get together and have her get on "Idol" again. I think it would be great for her. It would be great for the show and let people know that there's life after "Idol." Sure.

WALTERS: Well, there we go. We'll see if we get an answer from him.

BROWN: Ayla actually respects Simon greatly about his critiquing even though he's kind of harsh, what he says -- if you actually listen to what he says, it was right.

WALTERS: Senator, I have one final question. You and this beloved truck…

BROWN: "I have 202,277 miles (laughter).The thing runs great too. I haven't had any trouble with it."

WALTERS: Will you be getting a new truck?

BROWN: I think I'll eventually have to. I know American products are really good, but they eventually do wear out. I'm going to bring it down to Washington and use it as long as I can. It's a great truck. I live in the thing.

WALTERS: Its days are numbered.

BROWN: I live -- I mean, I change in it. I sleep in it. I eat in it. It's who I am. It's -- I'm just -- you know, I never thought the truck would be such a national symbol of freedom.

WALTERS: I appreciate your doing this.

BROWN: Thank you.

WALTERS: Thank you very much.

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