'This Week' Transcript: Barbara Walters Exclusive with Massachusetts Senator-Elect Scott Brown

WALTERS: Well, now let's bring in our roundtable. George Will, Arianna Huffington from "The Huffington Post," Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winning economist and columnist for the "New York Times," and Roger Ailes. And this is rather unusual for us and I think for him because Mr. Ailes is the CEO and president of FOX News and this is his first visit with ABC News on "This Week."

AILES: I was waiting for HD. I look so much better.

WALTERS: I also -- you just said that when Scott Brown for $1,000 for the cosmopolitan nude photograph, you would have done it for less.

AILES: 1982, the guy's getting out of college and someone gives him $1,000 and he can cover himself up. I don't know, $100, I'd do it.

WALTERS: We're not going to ask you today. OK, so here we go, George. Scott Brown. What do you think of him? How influential do you think he's going to be?

WILL: He is one percent of one-half of one of our three branches of government. That is he's one senator in an institution where like most institutions, 80 percent of the work is done by about 20 percent of the people. Most of them senior senators.

Furthermore, as he said in his interview, every Republican senator is the 41st senator, therefore every one of them is a potential obstructionist or extortionist, depending on what you say. So in that sense, I think he will be of modest historic importance.

WALTERS: So why the fuss, Paul?

KRUGMAN: Well because we have a super majority system. Because we have a system in which you cannot at this point get anything done without 60 points in the Senate. I mean, what I've been thinking about right now is at this point, the House of Representatives has passed a health care bill and has passed a strong financial reform bill. It has passed a strong climate change bill. In any other advanced democracy, that would mean that all of these things would have happened. But in the U.S. system, it takes 60 votes in the Senate to accomplish anything and because the Democrats nominated somebody in Massachusetts who didn't know her Red Sox, that entire agenda has run aground -- incredible.

WALTERS: That was his opponent.

KRUGMAN: And it's important. Let me just say on health care, that was the most evasive answer. If you think this is a straightforward guy, that was an incredibly evasive answer on health care because the Senate bill, which has now stalled, is identical to the Massachusetts health care plan, the same thing. Only in the finest of fine print is there any difference. He voted for the Massachusetts plan. A majority of voters in Massachusetts who voted for him approve of the Massachusetts health care plan. Nonetheless, their plan is dead.

WALTERS: And he's going to kill this.

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