'This Week' Transcript: Economic Panel

FREELAND: ... why Western support, particularly U.S. support, is so important right now. You know, U.S. policy has to try hard to make the Pakistanis feel it is not purely a utilitarian relationship, it's not just transactional, that America cares about Pakistan, not just because of its relationship with Afghanistan and the Taliban.

(UNKNOWN): Well, the only reason why we're in Pakistan is because it is transactional.

FREELAND: Yes, so -- so...

(UNKNOWN): And it's vital.


(UNKNOWN): ... it's vital to our interests and to the interests of the world.


FREELAND: ... works, because Pakistani...


AMANPOUR: And we barely have any time left, but 30 seconds to talk about Russia about to put the nuclear fuel into the Bushehr plant in southern Iran.

IGNATIUS: If you wanted one more piece of bad news this week for the Obama administration, it would be that Russia, which has really been very cooperative on Iran, which has joined us in U.N. sanctions that have been tougher than people expected, has decided that it's going to ship -- next week it's going to begin to operationalize a nuclear reactor in Iran, a civilian nuclear reactor that generates power. And, you know, that's the last thing this administration would have wanted.

AMANPOUR: On that note -- on that note, the roundtable continues in the green room at abcnews.com/thisweek, where you can also find our fact checks, in conjunction with PolitiFact.

Also on our Web site now, dramatic images from Russia this week, where wildfires have ravaged that country. Choking smoke from the fires and record high temperatures have led to hundreds of deaths in Moscow, and the drought has destroyed a quarter of Russia's grain crops. It's now banned exports, causing price spikes, and raising concerns of a global food crisis in the fall.

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