'This Week' Transcript: Gen Peter Chiarelli

AMANPOUR: And do you allow your husband to go back to Afghanistan?

MULVIHILL: Well, I actually didn't have to tell him not to go back again. He came to that conclusion on his own.

AMANPOUR: And do you want to go back?

ROHDE: No, I don't. My days as a war correspondent. And I'm, you know, just so lucky to be home.

And, again, we wrote this because we're just one small story. This is kind of this hidden war that most Americans -- it doesn't really affect their daily lives. Such a small percentage of Americans serve in the military or overseas.

So, you know, this is just one small story of what's happening. There's tens of thousands of Americans as well as, you know, average Afghans and Pakistanis.

AMANPOUR: Well, thank you both very much, indeed. David, Kristen, thanks very much, indeed. And I hope people read it and get that message from you both. Thanks.

MULVIHILL: Thank you.

ROHDE: Thank you.

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