'This Week' Transcript: George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Mohamed Tawfik


BUSH: I got carried away by their spirit.

KARL: It was good to watch.

BUSH: Whatever you do, don't show it on your show.

KARL: Oh, no, believe me, we won't.



DR. CHRISTINE KASEBA, FIRST LADY OF ZAMBIA: Many people are living, many men and women, children are living because of what President Bush has done.


KARL: Praise for President Bush from Zambia's first lady as she joined him and Laura Bush for the opening of a new clinic this week. Africa has become a frequent stop for the former president, who's devoted much of his post-presidency to confronting the continent's biggest challenges.

We met up with the former first couple in Tanzania, to talk about their involvement in Africa, plus the secret surveillance program President Bush approved, and his highly unusual meeting with President Obama.


KARL (voice-over): It was the rarest of road trips.

OBAMA: There is no question that Africa is on the move.

KARL: A meting of the presidents club thousands of miles from home.

BUSH: Laura and I are thrilled to be back in Zambia.

KARL: A commander in chief reunion, in Africa. President Obama and former President Bush traveled separately across the continent this week, but they met in Tanzania at a memorial for victims of the 1998 embassy bombing.

(on camera): It was an extraordinary moment to watch two U.S. presidents, especially you two, together here in Africa. What did you talk about when the cameras weren't rolling?

BUSH: What a big pain the press is.


KARL: You probably agreed entirely on that.


BUSH: We just chatted about his trip. He's at the end of the trip. I remember how tired I used to get. I said, you got to be kind of worn out, he said, I had a great trip, looking forward to getting back home. And I asked him about his old girls, were they having a good time? He said, you bet, because I remember bringing our daughters on some of these trips and how meaningful it was to be with them. And we didn't sit around hashing out policy.

KARL: Did you talk to him? Not much at all?

BUSH: No, not really. He's busy. And I'm retired.

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