'This Week' Transcript: George Mitchell and King Abdullah II

DOWD: Yeah, he's an impressive guy. He's just running at the wrong time in the wrong party.


KARL: ... speaking roles? He had a speaking role, a prominent one, in the convention in 2008. Do you remember what it was?

WILL: Yes.

KARL: What was it?

WILL: Nominating Sarah Palin.

KARL: Nominating Sarah Palin, who he called a "beacon for our party," "a beacon of light for our party."

BRAZILE: And we haven't event talked about her today.

WILL: The adjective to describe today's Republican Party -- and particularly the nominating electorate -- is hot. He is cool-hand Huntsman. He is low-key, moderate. He appeals to all those people who say he'd be the ideal candidate if only Republicans weren't so very Republican.

AMANPOUR: Let's switch topics, similar politics, but we're going to add sex in and potentially abuse of power here. The former governor of California has admitted to fathering a child while he was married. The public, though, knew some of these issues. They were brought up. They seem to be voting anyway. Will this, do you think, make a difference now that this scandal is coming out in public tolerance for these kinds of affairs?

DOWD: Well, to me -- to me -- and, first of all, I'm -- I worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I am very good friends with Maria Shriver.

AMANPOUR: As many of us here are. DOWD: Yeah, and we obviously -- our hearts go out to her and her family in this time, and her children, especially her children, who are suffering through this. These -- all of these scandals this week are not really about sex. This is not sex scandals, and it's not really a scandal about infidelity, which the public, I think, is generally forgiving about. Things happen in people's lives and all that.

These scandals, I think, are related in that they're not about that. They're not about sex. They're about power. They're about control. They're about humiliation.

If you look at the specifics of this, it's not really, as I say, a sex scandal. It is a scandal about, really, corruption at a really personal level, in my view.

BRAZILE: There's arrogance of power, but there's also sex, and it's also abuse of authority at a time when the public is calling on, you know, politicians to restrain spending and also telling politicians to really set a better example for the country.

AMANPOUR: And on that note, thank you very much indeed. And we're going to take a sharper look at the Schwarzenegger scandal and also at the sexual assault indictment of the former head of the International Monetary Fund. When these -- what do these cases reveal about men and women, sex and politics? All of that is coming up.



SAWYER: Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger making a public admission...

STEPHANOPOULOS: ... that he fathered a child with a member of his household staff more than 10 years ago.

(UNKNOWN): The disgraced former head of the IMF, who is now out of jail...

(UNKNOWN): ... an alleged sex attack on a hotel maid here in New York City.


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