'This Week' Transcript: The Giving Pledge


AMANPOUR: Did philanthropy fill a void?

TURNER: Yes. But during that year I didn't give a whole lot away because I was trying to hang on to what little bit was left

AMANPOUR: when you gave the money to the United Nations you said, I want to put all you rich people on notice. I'm coming after you to give more money.

TURNER: Well I said that and just by saying that, it caused a lot of people, I'm sure, to think about it.

AMANPOUR: did you know Bill Gates and Warren Buffett before that?

TURNER: I did. I didn't know them real well but I knew them knew them

AMANPOUR: What did you want them to do and others like them?

TURNER: Well, to consider giving now. They were already considering giving. Everybody who's rich has considered -- considers it. It's just a question of whether they do it or not because it's so much easier not to do it. But Bill and -- Bill Gates and Warren with this Giving Pledge, they're out there really taking a leadership position and I'm proud to know them and be partner with them because we do -- the U.N. Foundation and the Nuclear Threat Initiative does a number of joint projects with both of them.

AMANPOUR: You just mentioned N.T.I., the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

TURNER: Right. That's the one that focuses on weapons of -- getting rid of weapons of mass destruction and making sure they're not used in the meantime and making it a more peaceful and safer world.

AMANPOUR: And yet, that should be the role of a government.

TURNER: It is the role of government. But governments can stand help. Governments are like everybody else. Everybody needs helps sometimes no matter how rich and powerful you are. And that was the thing. I did not know for sure when I started that it was going to work, that the U.N. Foundation was going to be able to help the U.N. or the Nuclear Threat Initiative was going to be able to help the U.S. government. There were a lot of things that weren't getting done that are getting done now, done more quickly and it really has worked out. And not only are -- is our foundation helping, but now you have lots of corporations that are helping the United Nations and you have lots of NGOs that are helping.

AMANPOUR: You did something in Yugoslavia with Nuclear Threat Initiative. Why did you have to step in and secure the Yugoslavian nuclear materials?

TURNER: Because our government didn't really have the way to raise that last $5 million. They were $5 million short for transporting and blending down the highly enriched uranium that Serbia had. It was very dangerous. It was being held in a museum. It wasn't being properly supervised. It could have been stolen by a terrorist or -- and it was enough to make several big bombs.

AMANPOUR: And the United States government did not have $5 million?

TURNER: Well they didn't -- it didn't fit the rules that they have. So we came up with $5 million.


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