'This Week' Transcript: Holder and Giuliani

And that's really its appeal. It has no real religious connection. These are not particularly religious people. But they're people who, as they -- as they sort of move into modernity, fail or having a rough time making that kind of transition, and so therefore there's this wonderful ideology based in the idea of killing people, of death, you know, if I put on the gun on the table now, I'm the most powerful man in the -- in the room. I'm not inferior anymore.

And it's that -- sort of the grandiosity of administering death randomly is extremely attractive to people who -- who had this inner sense that I'm just never going to make that -- that move into modernity.

TAPPER: John, I want to play some sound for you from House Minority Leader John Boehner talking on Thursday about this attempted attack.



BOEHNER: Yes, we've been lucky, but luck is not an effective strategy for fighting the terrorist threat. This is a nation at war. And stopping at nothing to confront and defeating the terrorist threat, this is how we best protect the American people and set an example for the rest of the world.


TAPPER: You heard the attorney general. There was some luck at stake here. How do you see Republicans responding to this?

PODESTA: Well, you know, Widair (ph) said let's take advantage of it, the Republican pollster. I think you see John Boehner there. Nobody can even pause for a second to give credit to the New York City police, to the -- to the FBI, to the customs bureau for what was really a rapid roll-up of this guy, pulling him off the plane and putting him into custody, getting now him to talk.

So I think that they're almost -- they're on the verge of rooting for failure here, because I think they want to damage Obama so badly. And I think that that's tragic for the country.

And, you know, it seems to me that what they need to do is to recognize success, to push the system to do a better job. I think one of the things that George said is relevant, I think, which is that there's more pressure now on the Pakistani Taliban because of more effective strategy that's being employed in Pakistan, but that means that we're likely to be confronted with -- with more threat.

And I think it's time for the Republicans to get on board and try to find at least in this space -- I can understand it on -- you know, they almost root for failure on the economy side, as -- as well. They, you know, describe the job number, for example, on Friday as bad news, 290,000 jobs. But this is, I think, beyond the pale.

TAPPER: Robin, what are your sources telling you about Faisal Shahzad and his involvement with the Pakistani Taliban?

WRIGHT: Well, apparently, he's singing like a bird, I was told last night. But there are also a lot of tall tales that he's telling, and they have to keep going back to him over and over and over because a lot of it's not making sense. There are some inconsistencies.

He says, for example, that he met with the leader of the Taliban, Hakimullah Mehsud, and yet here he carried out an operation that was as amateurish as anything we have seen since 9/11. And this is a group that is capable of very sophisticated operations...

TAPPER: The Pakistani Taliban is?

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