'This Week' Transcript: Holy War: Should Americans Fear Islam?

PHOTO "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" will be hosting a special town hall debate

AMANPOUR: So we're going to start now by talking to Peter Gadiel, whose son was killed on 9/11 in the World Trade Center. Let me ask you, Peter, should Americans fear Islam?

PETER GADIEL, SON KILLED ON 9/11: Well, I'd like nothing better than to say that I was not afraid of Islam. I'd like nothing better than to say to my Muslim friends and fellow citizens, welcome to America, I'm glad you're here, make yourself at home. But the fact is that we have too many history of -- of Muslim terror attacks and many of them so-called homegrown, second generation. And I think to ignore that threat is to ignore the -- the history of Islam.

AMANPOUR: Donna Marsh O'Connor, you also lost a daughter--


AMANPOUR: You lost your unborn grand--


AMANPOUR: Grandchild.


AMANPOUR: Do you think you, America, should be afraid of Islam?

O'CONNOR: I think Americans should fear criminal behavior. I think we should do the best we can to control criminal behavior. But I can't raise my two remaining sons to fear the people who live next door to them. That is not what my grandparents came to America to escape you know, we are a group of 9/11 family members. I know a lot of family members are here. We share that pain and, you know, I think the unfortunate piece of this is that we don't agree on this.

AMANPOUR: Let me ask you, Reverend Graham, you have said -- and you said not so long ago -- that President Bush and President Obama made a great mistake when they said that Islam is a peaceful religion. It's not, you said. There's no evidence in its history. It's a religion of hatred. It's a religion of war. And repeatedly you've said that Islam is wicked and evil. Why do you say that?

REV. FRANKLIN GRAHAM, PRESIDENT, SAMARITAN'S PURSE/THE BILLY GRAHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION: First, Christiane, I understand what the Muslims want to do in America. They want to build as many mosques and cultural centers as they possibly can so they can convert as many Americans as they can to Islam. I understand that. And--

AMANPOUR: That's what you -- that's your position?

GRAHAM: Sure. And I understand -- I understand what they're doing. And I just don't have the -- the freedom to do this in most Muslim countries. We can't have a church. We're not able to build synagogues. It's -- it's forbidden. But let me just say something about Islam. I -- I love the Muslim people. But I have great difficulty with the -- with the religion, especially with Sharia law and what it does for women -- toward women, toward non-believers, the violence that is given in -- under Sharia law.

AMANPOUR: Imam Osama Bahloul of Tennessee was listening intently.

AMANPOUR: Is it allowed under Sharia law?

IMAM OSAMA BAHLOUL: please let me say this. I am so sorry about anyone who lost any -- any member of -- in September the 11th. We denounce this and we feel so bad. And we share sadness with everyone who went through such an experience. For someone to say we are not allowed to build a church in a Muslim country, this is absolutely not right. You can Google this.


BAHLOUL: You can go to church in Egypt, a church in Syria. Now all this, the church -- we have it in the Middle East. This is something for you to say that Islam is is an Muslim thought, to beat a woman, this is absolutely not right.

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