'This Week' Transcript: Hoyer, Boehner and Bill Gates

BOEHNER: Well, I think the Israelis have a clear right to -- to defend themselves. When you look at this flotilla that came over, the first five ships that were inspected, there was no -- there was no problem at all. It's pretty clear to many of us who've looked into this that this last ship was intended to be a problem, intended to cause a conflict.

And this is part of a much bigger problem that we see with the administration, where we've -- we've coddled our enemies and -- and pushed our friends aside in the process...

TAPPER: Leader Hoyer?

BOEHNER: ... raising a lot of doubts around the world, including the people of Israel, who are having serious doubts about our commitment to them, our closest ally in the Middle East.

HOYER: And I think one of the problems is, when you see Mr. Pence and you hear Mr. Boehner, this is not a partisan difference. Mr. Cantor and I had a colloquy on Thursday, which as John knows, I strongly support Israel's actions.

They told these folks, come here, you're not going to break the blockade. Why are you not going to break the blockade? Because Hamas, a terrorist organization, continues to attack civilians, men, women and children, in Israel.

And it is appropriate to have a blockade to make sure they don't get the weapons or other materials to effect those kinds of attacks, which are criminal, which are terrorist acts. So I think they did exactly the right thing in stopping that.

And in fact, in my view, the sixth ship, as John has pointed out, we agree on this, five ships were stopped without incident. This sixth ship was stopped. There's some reason to believe that that's exactly what they intended to do. Al Jazeera television showed attacks on the boarding party, and they responded in self-defense.

Turkey knew that if these ships came, it was going to be a problem. And the Israelis offered to allow the -- those ships to be offloaded at an Israeli port and all the humanitarian gear go into Gaza. That was the appropriate thing to do.

TAPPER: We only have one minute left, and I want to get your predictions for the midterm elections, literally one minute left. So...

HOYER: History says we're going to lose a few seats, but we're going to retain the House.

TAPPER: You're going to keep the House?

HOYER: We're going to keep the House.


BOEHNER: Our goal is to take the majority in the House...

TAPPER: Not your goal. What's going to happen? Prediction. Prediction. You've said 100 seats. Can you do it?

BOEHNER: We've got -- we've got 100 seats in play. We have a real shot at winning a majority so that we can put a check on this administration and all the spending that's out of control here in Washington, D.C.

HOYER: Jake, they said that about Mark Critz in the 12th District of Pennsylvania. He won by 8 points.

TAPPER: All right.

HOYER: We're going to keep the House.

TAPPER: Leader Hoyer, Leader Boehner, thanks so much for joining us. I appreciate it.

TAPPER: Joining me now, Microsoft co-founder and chairman, Bill Gates.

Mr. Gates, thanks so much for joining us.


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