'This Week' Transcript: Kaine and Steele

WILL: While he was lecturing America on moral governance, he was doing so against the backdrop of an Amnesty International report saying that migrants people -- illegals crossing through Mexico are facing a major human rights crisis, leaving them with virtually no access to justice, fearing reprisals and deportation if they complain of abuses, persistent failures by the authorities -- that would be Mr. Calderon's government, I believe -- to tackle abuses carried out against irregular migrants that have made their journey through Mexico one of the most dangerous in the world.

So he gets up and lectures us on moral governance and gets a standing ovation from Donna's party. The fact is, Mexico is -- has two big exports, oil, and their second-biggest export is poverty to the United States, from which, in remittances sent back to Mexico, they get $21 billion a year. Mr. Calderon has a stake in illegal immigration to our country.

DONALDSON: President Bill Clinton went to the Great Hall of the People when Jiang Zemin was president of China. I heard President Clinton say, "What you did in Tiananmen Square was wrong." He lectured. We all said, "That's terrific," because it was the ox being gored on the other side.

President Calderon represents Mexico, and he said what a lot of Americans are also saying, that that Arizona law is discriminatory and that it ought not to have been on the books.

TAPPER: That law is actually supported by a majority of Americans according to polling, and I can't believe that you're actually comparing it to Tiananmen Square, right? I mean, you're not.

DONALDSON: Well, I'm not comparing a massacre in Tiananmen Square to what's happening in Arizona, but you raised the subject of having someone come to another country...

TAPPER: And you think it's OK?

DONALDSON: ... and lecture them.

ROBERTS: And our president -- a lot of presidents...

DONALDSON: I think in this case it's...

ROBERTS: ... certainly do it in Israel about settlements. You know, "Mr. Gorbachev"...

DONALDSON: What's going on here?

ROBERTS: ... "tear down this wall"? You know...


TAPPER: Donna?

WILL: He didn't say it -- he didn't say that in Russia.

TAPPER: A final word, Donna?

BRAZILE: The Democrats basically were -- they applauded the fact that our -- our -- we have to fix this problem. Our borders is broken. George, we have a broken -- we have a -- we have a dysfunctional...

WILL: They applauded the president of Mexico.

TAPPER: All right.


TAPPER: You know what? I'm sorry, but the roundtable will continue in the green room on abcnews.com. And later, check out our fact checks. "This Week" and PolitiFact have joined together to fact check our newsmaker only on "This Week."

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