'This Week' Transcript: Karzai, Khan and Levitt

I talked just yesterday with someone involved in those talks who watches this peace process very closely -- very pessimistic about the outcome here, for many of the reasons George just laid out. And yet this individual, again, who watches it closely, says it's at least good that President Obama has put a one-year deadline on this.

AMANPOUR: So did President Bush, put a one-year deadline.

WOODRUFF: And -- and that after December, President Obama may be in a position -- and frankly, Prime Minister Netanyahu -- to change the makeup of his government.

AMANPOUR: One of the big issues is going to be the settlements, if the moratorium on settlement freeze expires on I think it's September 26th, that could collapse the talks before they even had a chance to start.

REICH: But it's much better that they are sitting at a table when that end of the moratorium approaches than they are not sitting at the table.

I completely disagree with George on this. I mean, talking is better than not talking. We get a little bit of momentum out of the troop withdrawal -- the combat troop withdrawal from Iraq, and them sitting down, I think the administration deserves enormous credit getting the parties to sit down at the table again after 20 months. This is necessary.

AMANPOUR: Let's quickly move on, because we're not going to solve the Middle East peace process at this table, unfortunately, to governor, former Governor Blagojevich. You saw what we cut, a little tape up there, you know the story. One count. Was it just business as usual, as he's been saying?

WILL: No, I think three things happened. First of all, they knew Blagojevich to be a blowhard, and so when they listened to the tapes of him bragging about doing this and that, they said that's just him talking. Second, they were given more than 100 pages of jury instructions on 24 counts related like a Rubik's cube. Third, they had just witnessed up on Capitol Hill the Senate debate. People are being -- he's accused of selling a Senate seat. They've seen Senate votes sold in the debate.

WOODRUFF: He -- look, it's a loss for the prosecutor. It's not a win for Rod Blagojevich. The jurors could have found him not guilty on any one of these other counts. They didn't do that.

What we all need to know is that yesterday, he was selling his autograph, $50 a pop, at a comic book convention in Chicago, putting Hank Aaron -- this is chump change.

AMANPOUR: Got to go. This discussion will continue in the green room at abcnews.com/this week, where you can also find our fact checks in conjunction with Politifact.

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