'This Week' Transcript: Leahy and Sessions

TAPPER: George, we only have one minute left. Is Karzai our ally? WILL: Yes. We've baptized him that, and that's all we've got is Karzai, which matters. Given the fact that clear, hold and build -- we clear areas because the Taliban clears out. They know that we're going home. They know that they are home. Build, you can't build if you can't hold. You can't hold if you're coming home.

Half of the surge, small surge of 30,000 troops, has now arrived. The full surge will not be there until August. Eleven months after that, we are scheduled to begin the withdrawal. Now, if you're an Afghan citizen and you are asked to side with the Karzai government, what do you do? You are going to side with people who are sponsored by an American forces that are coming home.

TAPPER: All right, well, the roundtable will continue in the green room on ABCNews.com. And later, check out our fact check. "This Week" and Politifact have joined together to fact-check our newsmakers, only on "This Week."

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