'This Week' Transcript: Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush

PELOSI: I don't know what they do because it doesn't matter. This has to be fixed but what doesn't have to be fixed is the fact that tens of millions more people will have access to affordable, quality health care that no longer having a preexisting medical condition will bar you from getting affordable care, that all of the initiatives that are very positive for a healthier life, liberty to pursue your happiness not chained to a policy but following your passion, all of that is in place.

This is unacceptable. It has to be changed, but any system that deals with that many millions of people frequently does have a glitch. Again this is unacceptable. It must be fixed. They've doubled up on telephoning, all navigators, assisters to help --


RADDATZ: Quickly on Hillary Clinton. Do you see any way she's not going to run?

PELOSI: I hope she runs.

RADDATZ: Given what she said this weekend?

PELOSI: No, I was on a plane going home and coming back. I saw that she appeared in Virginia, and that -- for Terry McAuliffe.

RADDATZ: First political comments in four years. She's got to run, right?


PELOSI: (Inaudible) say if Hillary Clinton does run, she'll be one of the best prepared people and she will win, I believe, if she runs. She'll be one of the best prepared people to enter the White House in a long time. She will -- she would be a great president. I would -- it would be a very thrilling thing for our country. She happens to be a woman, but she's, first and foremost, extremely qualified.

RADDATZ: And finally, if you will, a few quick thoughts on the passing of former Speaker of the House Tom Foley, who died at age 84 on Friday.

What lessons can you learn, what lessons can the country learn from him?

PELOSI: Well, Tom Foley was a statesman and it was a privilege to serve under him when he was the Speaker of the House. He loved our country. He was a gentleman. I had the privilege of seeing him a couple days before he passed away.

I feel very honored that his wife, Heather, allowed that, and I sent her my condolences. That same day we also lost Bill Young, a revered member of Congress. He was my chairman on Appropriations. I send my condolences to Beverly as well.

RADDATZ: We'll have a little more on them both later. Thanks so much for joining us, Leader Pelosi.

And now to the GOP. There has been a lot of talk about the rift between the Republican Party that the shutdown has exposed.

"The New York Times" this morning calling it a civil war, and Jon Karl is back with us.

Jon, you explored that civil war with two Republicans this week.

KARL: That's right, Martha. I talked to two high profile Republicans, both are potential presidential candidates, both are, no doubt about it, conservatives. But as you'll see, they represent opposite sides of this battle for the future of the Republican Party.


CRUZ: The deal was a terrible deal. The Washington establishment sold the American people down the river. It provided no relief for the millions of people who are hurting because of ObamaCare, but it is worth also focusing on what did happen because a lot, I think, was accomplished in the last couple of months.

Number one, the public debate over the harms that ObamaCare is inflicting, it elevated the public debate. And that is critically important.

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