'This Week' Transcript: Roundtable 01-02-11

TAPPER: Donna, very briefly, we have 30 seconds left. As an Obama supporter, who is the last Republican you want to be -- you want to be the nominee?

BRAZILE: Mitch Daniels. I think he's an interesting candidate. I think he would make a strong Republican nominee, but I don't think he can beat President Obama. But I think...


WILL: Is that sabotage?


GARRETT: One must always wonder.

TAPPER: You like Daniels?

WILL: I do like Daniels, and I think that Americans often vote for the opposite of what has disappointed them. If they're disappointed with Mr. Obama, then a short, balding, unimpressive, uncharismatic, competent governor might be just the key.

TAPPER: All right. Well, the roundtable will continue...

BRAZILE: Bring it on...


BRAZILE: ... bring it on.

TAPPER: ... in the green room at abcnews.com/thisweek, where you can also find our fact checks in conjunction with PolitiFact.


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