'This Week' Transcript: The Battle for the Constitution

WILL: The first thing you have to do is secure the borders. A secure border is not a weird aspiration, it's an essential attribute of national sovereignty. Once you do that, and the American people think you've done it, they will be -- they're not xenophobic, they're not anti-immigrant, they just say let's establish order and then we'll come to terms with this.

Then you can tell them the following, suppose there are 11 million -- we don't know within a million how many -- suppose there are 11 million illegal immigrants here, I did the arithmetic. To depart them would require not just police measures, we'd never tolerate. The majority have been here five years or more, they've had children here, the children are citizens. But to depart them would require a line of buses bumper to bumper extending from San Diego to Alaska.

Not going to happen.

And as soon as people come to terms with that, then we'll get on with settling...

MARTINEZ: And George, the cost of due process, too, because they would cost would be enormous.

AMANPOUR: And last thought. Immigration is the very essence of this country. People all over the world look at this country yearning, how to rationalize that immense strength of the United States, with this issue right now, the political security, and other issues?

RHEE: Well, I mean, I think that every, everyone has an immigration story. From way back in your family's history to somebody that you know and care about. And I feel like part of what would have to happen, we have to humanize this. We have to know that the majority of this point deporting all of those people, the impact that would have in terms of breaking up families, there isn't a parent anywhere who would say that that makes sense to do.

And I think to the extent that we can begin to humanize this and handle it in sort of a rational way of understanding what has to happen, securing the border, having a rational policy for these 11 million illegal immigrants and a path to legal status, I mean, we just -- we just need to understand the human aspect of this.

AMANPOUR: Well, the human aspect is sitting right here. Jose, what should happen to him?

VARGAS: Well, let me just say, by way. We're talking to two people who have made common sense. I mean, I remember reading a column of yours in '06 where the headline was like, guard the borders and face the facts too. I mean, today we're not facing the facts on this issue. I remember interviewing with RNC, you know, when I was still a reporter, and the question was, how are Republicans going to deal with this issue?

Like this is not an abstraction, I mean, these are people who are very much woven into the fabric of our lives in every possible class.

WILL: Let me give you another reason why we need immigrants not just for the work force that you're talking about, when we started Social Security, there were 42 workers for every retiree. Today we're were down to three point some. The Baby Boomers have all retired to Florida in 2030, we'll be down to 2.1. We need, and the Social Security trustee's report assumes, a continuing high level of immigration to replenish the work force to make the entitlement system work.

AMANPOUR: So what should happen, last word to Jose. Here he is sitting illegally.

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