'This Week' Transcript: Tim Kaine

KAINE: Christiane, I've been in 40-plus states as DNC chair. The number of Dems I am with who are distancing themselves from health care is very small. The overwhelming majority are very proud of ending the abuses of insurance companies and providing paths to affordable coverage for families and small business.

AMANPOUR: But you know it's one of those bashing points of the Republican side. And there are ads by Democratic candidates...

KAINE: Sure.

AMANPOUR: ... running away from the president and the reforms.

KAINE: A couple of them. And it is -- you know, of course it's a talking point for Republicans. They want to roll it back. They are taking...

AMANPOUR: But Democrats...

KAINE: They are taking...

AMANPOUR: Democrats are running away...

KAINE: ... huge money from Republican interests that are not disclosing who they are to run ads, because they want to roll back health care. The vast majority of Democrats I campaign with are very proud of the health care accomplishments.

You know, young kids in this country -- and I've got three, age 15 to 20, can now stay on their family insurance policies until age 26, not 21. That is a huge advance for the youth of this nation. And whether it's youth or seniors or small businesses, there are significant benefits here.

AMANPOUR: You mentioned money.


AMANPOUR: Obviously money has been the topic of conversation, certainly on the campaign trail for the Democrats...

KAINE: Right.

AMANPOUR: ... and we see it all over the newspapers. You are complaining that there is a lot of money and a lot of undisclosed money.

KAINE: It's the disclosure, right. There will always be money in politics, and that's going to continue to ramp up. But I think the issue that I'm focusing on is, there is a concerted Republican effort, I believe, to shift campaign financing to entities that don't have to disclose who their donors are.

You're going to have one of the architects of that effort, Ed Gillespie, on later. And I hope you'll ask him why he is against disclosure and why the Republicans continually vote against disclosure bills in Congress.

AMANPOUR: But the question is, you could do that too. It's a level playing field. Why haven't the Democrats played on the same field?

KAINE: Because we believe in disclosure. I mean, at the DNC, every dollar I raise we disclose where it comes from and how it gets spent. Every Democrat in Congress has supported the Disclose Act that would require anyone supporting any candidate to disclose.

The American public has a right to know who is funding political campaigns. And that is a bedrock principle of ours that we're going to uphold.

AMANPOUR: And let me ask you again about some of the policies. Despite the crises that you inherited, the financial crisis, despite some of the legislation, the economy has stayed pretty stuck...

KAINE: Right.

AMANPOUR: ... it's not growing fast enough, the unemployment is pretty stuck at 9.6 percent. Things haven't sort of moved.

In an interview with the National Journal, and in previous interviews, the president has said the following: "It's going to important for Democrats to have a proper and appropriate sense of humility about what we can accomplish in the absence of Republican cooperation." What does he mean by humility?

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