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AMANPOUR: This week, Osama bin Laden as we've never seen him before, a new window into how he lived and how he died.

OBAMA: Justice is done. The world is safer.

AMANPOUR: But is it really?

(UNKNOWN): Al Qaida was plotting -- the target was passenger trains.

(UNKNOWN): There's a real concern about retaliation.

AMANPOUR: We'll ask the president's national security adviser what's being done to keep Americans safe. Will clues from bin Laden's compound thwart future attacks? Or will Al Qaida strike back?

Then, tough questions for Pakistan. Did America's ally harbor the world's most notorious terrorist? Our top correspondents covering the story all week bring the latest developments from Pakistan to Afghanistan to right here in the United States.

ANNOUNCER: Live from the Newseum in Washington, "This Week" with Christiane Amanpour starts right now.


AMANPOUR: Welcome to the program. This week, the whole world was transfixed by a single story. The headlines said it all: Osama bin Laden, the most notorious terrorist in history, shot and killed by American forces.

The horror that he inflicted left an indelible mark on the American psyche. And behind me, the twisted and now mangled antenna that once stood on the north tower of the World Trade Center, here at the Newseum for all to see and remember what happened there.

President Obama visited Ground Zero this week, closing a chapter in American history nearly 10 years after the 9/11 attacks. This, as the flood of information from the raid on bin Laden's Pakistan compound continues to pour in.

And just yesterday, new tapes with extraordinary images of the terror mastermind seen as a graying old man watching himself on television. That was one of five videos released by the Pentagon, and now ABC's Martha Raddatz here who's followed the story every step of the way.


RADDATZ (voice-over): Of the five videos released by the Pentagon, this one is surely the most compelling. There sits the most wanted terrorist in the world covered in an old blanket with a very gray beard watching news clips of himself on television.

He switches his satellite TV from channel to channel. When an image pops up showing him with weapons, he motions to his camera operator to zoom in. What he is watching on the television matches a press conference we found in late January 2010.

The other four tapes are all outtakes or messages to his followers. The audio has been removed by the U.S. because officials say it is jihadist propaganda. But notice the color of his beard. He clearly has been dying it. This is 2004. Similar clothes in background. This is the more recent tape.

PILLAR: This is someone who realized that the image that he conveyed was the main value he had to his movement. It was part of his brand.

RADDATZ: But last Sunday, the dye had faded. When he was shot dead by SEALs, the beard was gray. The tapes are only a small part of the massive amounts of intelligence picked up the SEALs in the compound, which intelligence analysts are calling the largest intelligence haul ever from a senior terrorist.


AMANPOUR: ABC's Martha Raddatz. And she'll join me with our other correspondents in our roundtable in just a moment.

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