'This Week' Transcript: After the Tragedy


REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ (D), ARIZONA: My lasting impression is that out of an evil act, we have had an opportunity to see the overwhelming goodness that exists in this country. And as horrific as this act and tragedy has been, the opportunity that we have had, this week, to see how many incredible people there are in our country. And having been here a number of times to campaign for Gabby and having talked to Gabby about the pride that she has in representing Tucson and the Eighth Congressional District, every ounce of that pride was evident and warranted, this week.

AMANPOUR: How is she doing? You're going to see her, again. You've seen her once.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Yes, yes. You know, she's doing better every day. Wednesday was just a miracle to witness, myself and our good friend Senator Gellibrand and Leader Nancy Pelosi were able to be by her side with Mark and her parents and have her open her eyes, you know, just in our - as a result of, we hope are urging her on to come back to us and rejoin the activities that girlfriends do together.

AMANPOUR: some of these incredible people here saved, not only other people's lives but your friend's life, as well, and we've heard a lot from them, that they feel they were doing what they had to do as people and they don't feel they were heroes. Do you think they're heroes?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: There's no question that they are heroes. (applause) And, I think, every one of us hopes that our immediate reaction would be the selfless response would be to spring into action to help someone else. But, I guess, you really never know until you're faced with that opportunity.

AMANPOUR: Dr. Bowman, I know that you're not comfortable with the idea of being called a hero.

BOWMAN: That's correct. And I don't think any of us are including Daniel, I think there were --

DANIEL: I agree.

BOWMAN: I think that there were maybe heroic things done by normal people. That means we're human beings and I think that's, to me, one of the most lasting impressions is to see what people were doing for someone else. Injured people helping someone else more injured. Not concerned about themselves and not screaming and not yelling, "Medic! Medic!" Helping the person next to them.

It gives you a lot of hope that we're doing it the right way somehow.

AMANPOUR: But nonetheless, if I might, I -- I've covered a lot of war, a lot of tragedy and certainly, I know that one tries to hide and -- and tries to get out of the bombing situation or shooting situation.

And you did run towards it. You did -- Patricia, you did what you had to do in that circumstance. And yet you're uncomfortable with the idea of having the hero label attached to you.

MAISCH: I am. This is the hero. He's -- if I'm a hero, he's a super hero. My son says that I should just say thank you, that the community needs heroes right now. But it's still hard to do.

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