'This Week' Transcript: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney


JONES: -- he got a lot done. And then here's the reality. The Republicans want to blame this president for even though. The last time I saw this president at a signing ceremony where Republicans let him sign, you know what, the last time he had black hair and he looked like Tiger Woods, OK? (LAUGHTER)


JONES: Now he looks like Morgan Freeman.

KARL: But...


Because the Republicans will not support him on anything.


JONES: -- own bills, even on their own priorities.


ROBERTS: They're responsible for his gray hair?


KARL: Well, at least in part, I think. But -- but, Van, if you look at one other number in our poll, you look at Democrat versus Republican for Congress...


KARL: -- this is a real warning sign...


KARL: -- for Democrats.

ROBERTS: Absolutely.

KARL: Look, you see Republicans actually statistically tied, but actually with -- with an advantage. I mean Senator Santorum, you've seen that before, in 1994...

SANTORUM: Yes, this...

KARL: -- and 2010.

SANTORUM: -- well, look, it -- the fact is, he can't run away. You try to get -- Jay Carney tried, again, to bring up George Bush. And it's, you know, the problems that the president had. Nobody is buying that anymore.

This is the president's economy. This is the president's decision. And -- and the fact that it's been so long between signing ceremonies tells you that he can't get anything done because he...

JONES: That Republicans won't let him get anything done.

SANTORUM: -- because he doesn't...


SANTORUM: -- he doesn't -- he doesn't cooperate.

VAN SUSTEREN: But wait a minute. SANTORUM: He -- he's very...


SANTORUM: He doesn't. He does not cooperate.



SANTORUM: Given -- look at -- look at what Jay Carney just said. You know, we're willing to go and -- and put things forward, but if you don't, we're going to take out our pen and we're going to do it ourselves.

You know what, that's what he's been doing...

VAN SUSTEREN: You know what...


SANTORUM: And that is not constructive.

VAN SUSTEREN: President Obama sometimes acts like he's the only one who had political opposition. That's sort of part of the game.


VAN SUSTEREN: I mean every politician has opposition on the other side. Look at how much President Clinton got done and he was -- he had been impeached and was -- and was on trial to get thrown out and he got things done.


VAN SUSTEREN: You can't keep blaming everybody...


ROBERTS: -- saying now, that this is not the most partisan time in our history. He has now been going back and reading his history and understanding that that's the case. And so that he has to learn to deal with it.

It's -- the really dangerous thing, I think, for him and for the Democrats in this poll that -- and that he's going to have to think about as he makes the State of the Union message, is -- is that more people say that the Republicans have the right idea about the size and role of the federal government...

KARL: That's a fundamental question.

ROBERTS: -- than the Democrats do. And that is the fundamental question between the two parties.

KARL: All right. And we can imagine if the Republicans take over the Senate, Van.


KARL: Opposition -- I mean...

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