'This Week' Transcript: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange

ELLISON: Well, it's all about, you know, the details. Let's see, because we cannot say -- I cannot support saying that we're going to diminish and lower, say, Social Security in exchange for, I don't know, anything. These folks who exist on that are already on meager amounts of income, and so we're not going to inflict more pain on them.

But, look, it's all in the mix. Let's reopen the government. Let's pay America's debts. And I'm open to discuss anything any Republican wants to talk about, but it will be us giving and taking and them giving and taking, not a situation like we have now, which is we will stop inflicting pain on America if you get rid of health care which brings insurance reform and access to millions of Americans. We can't do that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Congressman Labrador, if a deal passes the Senate that does open up the government again, extends the debt limit for several months, but it's not the kind of deal that a majority of Republicans that you could even support, will there be retaliation against Speaker Boehner from House conservatives if he schedules that vote?

LABRADOR: I don't think so. First of all, whatever passes the House of Representatives is going to have the majority of House.

But listen to what Keith just said. He wants us to open the government, reopen the government. He says that he wants us to go ahead and vote on the debt ceiling. But he's unwilling to talk about what he's willing to negotiate on. He's unwilling to tell you what things he's going to be working on. Remember...

ELLISON: Because it's your job, Raul.

LABRADOR: No. Remember when the president said he was for chained CPI. Every Democrat in Congress said that he was...

STEPHANOPOULOS: That's on Social Security...

LABRADOR: ...on Social Security. Every single senator says that they wouldn't do it, every Democratic senator.

This is the problem that we have. Any time we talk about entitlement reforms, the Democrats say that they will only do it if we raise taxes. Every time we talk about the real spending problem -- and this is all an issue of fairness -- if you look at Obamacare the president and his administration have given exemptions to their friends, to businesses, and all we're asking is to give the same exemption to the American people. I don't think that's...

ELLISON: We can talk about all these things after we reopen the government and pay America's debts.

There are things we can do to improve, not defund, delay and repeal, but improve the Affordable Care Act.

And there are things that I would propose that we do to improve even so-called entitlement reform -- actually these are earned benefits. What if we negotiated drug prices as opposed to just locked in and let the pharmaceutical industry charge what they want? That's something I could do.

There are a number of things that we could do, but we cannot do it under the gun as we are now.


LABRADOR: We just offered you a six-week extension of the debt limit.

ELLISON: Six weeks is no good.


ELLISON: -- (Inaudible) six weeks? You want to do this again in six weeks?

LABRADOR: So what you want is -- you want to get everything you want and then you say that you (inaudible).

STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to take one final question to Senator Graham.

You know, this is the --

GRAHAM: It looks like we're almost there.

STEPHANOPOULOS: (Inaudible) Democrats and Republicans right there, but (inaudible) --

GRAHAM: I can feel it coming together.

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