'This Week' Transcript: Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

BARBOUR: Well, I really don't. I mean, it's not -- Rick Perry didn't say anything. Somebody who introduced Rick Perry at an event later said something. It's not like the man even said it in the introduction where you might have expected Governor Perry to say, you know, I wouldn't say that or I didn't think that. Of course, you can tell from what you showed it wasn't even said in Rick Perry's presence, so I don't understand how that has any effect on Rick Perry.

The fact that Rick Perry is a conservative Christian helps him with a lot of people in the South and a lot of people around the country in other place.

DOWD: Rick Perry, I think, this is -- this is not -- Rick Perry has some more fundamental problems than this issue. He doesn't -- he has...

AMANPOUR: Including not winning the Vales Voter straw poll.

DOWD: He has -- he has a performance problem, not a pastor problem in this case. He's gone through three debates, where each -- as each debate has progressively been held, he's gotten worse and worse over the course of that time. Rick Perry's problem is that what -- the expectation people had for him, he is not meeting them, and that's fundamentally his problem, and that's what he's got to solve.

NOONAN: Well, I'm Catholic, too.



AMANPOUR: We're outnumbered today.


NOONAN: ... like the Supreme Court. And I would note that -- that, when you look at polls, Catholics are less likely to be bigoted, if you will, about such religions as Mormonism, in part because bigotry has been put against them. It is not a Catholic problem with the Republican base. It is an Evangelical Protestant problem. We'll see how big it is.

AMANPOUR: Governor, if I could bring you back in again, at the Values Voter conference in their straw poll, it was Ron Paul who won it, not Rick Perry, not Michele Bachmann. And Herman Cain is sort of going up, as well. He's having a moment right now? Do you think that's going to last?

BARBOUR: Well, Herman Cain is very attractive. He comes from the private sector. He is plain-spoken, authentic, truth-telling, and a lot of people are -- are really looking for that. But it's a long way from here to there.

You know, one of the things we've got to understand, what happened in the last seven days is not necessarily -- can be extrapolated to what's going to happen in the next seven weeks. In a Republican nominating contest, about 90 percent of what matters hadn't happened yet.

So right now, it's kind of like the Cinderella phase. Everybody's trying to see if the shoe -- if the slipper fits on Herman Cain or on -- tried to force it on Chris Christie. But we're a long way from being able to say, is this going to stick?

Romney continues to -- to have a big following. Perry has a following. And the fact that Matthew said he didn't do well in debates, again, he is going to grow as a candidate, if he wins the nomination. Romney's going to grow as a candidate. Herman Cain is going to grow as a candidate if he wins the nomination.

AMANPOUR: Governor, let me just ask George. Is Cain the man to watch now? Has he got sticking power?

WILL: I think the problem is that Cain, attractive though he is and intelligent -- his 999 program is, I think he has a low ceiling. Can I ask Haley a question?


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