Fashion: Find Out How to Slalom Through These Ski Styles

Slope-loving celebrities prove it's easy to look hot in the cold.

Victoria Beckham, never one for sloppy attire, rocked a white North Face ensemble, paired with Chanel skis and poles, during a ski vacation in the French Alps in April . Daryl Hannah sprayed snow in a slick green one-piece while snowboarding in Park City last January.

Teutonic titan Heidi Klum opted for contrast, pairing a maroon jacket with tan pants, black hat and multi-colored Oakley goggles, or an all-black get-up, during her December break in Aspen with her family, while talented teen Dakota Fanning matched her pink goggles to her rosy jacket during a skiing stint in Park City, Utah, last winter.

The secret to slope style? Be practical. Stilettos on snow are a major no-no, if you want to keep all your limbs intact.

"Go for cute, comfortable boots," says Oakley brand director Jennifer Bradley. "On the snow, the only thing you can do wrong is having garments that are too big or too small."

Wear clothes that skim your curves, because oversized pants and jackets are out. So are garish, exaggerated prints and neon hues.

"You're seeing a lot of whites and blacks with accents, browns, beiges — understated, solid colors," says Deborah Marks, senior editor at Ski magazine. "Day-Glo is out. For women 25 and over, you're seeing low-rise waists and contoured fits. There's a focus on comfort and roominess, but cut to flatter a woman's figure."