America's Fattiest Foods

Americas Fattiest Foods

With the explosion of popularity in the sport of competitive eating and the cult following of TV shows like the Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food," America's greatest artery-clogging cuisine is at the trendy forefront of gastro vogue these days. But few realize just how calorically dense many of these famed comfort foods are.

The experts at scoured the country, traversing legendary local food spots in search of America's fattiest foods, and below are seven dishes that made the list of infamous heavy-weights.

Hillbilly Hot Dogs' 10-Pound Burger

West Virginia has one of the highest rates of obesity in the United States, with 31 percent of all adults in the state falling under the federal obesity guidelines. With that in mind it should not come as a shock that Hillbilly Hot Dogs 10-pound burger calls Huntington, W. Va., home. Everything about this burger is big, from the 10-pound beef patty, two heads of lettuce, two pounds of pickles, three tomatoes, three onions, 25 slices of cheese and insanely sized roll that make up this Hillbilly specialty. The nutritional stats are equally as mindboggling as the 10 pounds of hamburger meat alone clock in at around 800 grams of fat. That's an entire day's worth of fat for more than 12 women, without even counting the cheese.

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RU Hungry's Fat Darrell Sandwich

Next up is a contender that calls another state that recently made the 10-healthiest states list home, as the sandwich lovingly known as the Fat Darrell at New Jersey's Grease Trucks takes center stage. The sandwich -- a staple of famous Grease Trucks on the campus of Rutgers University -- is named after then-sophomore Darrell W. Butler, who wanted to combine all of his favorite ingredients into one terrifying sandwich. The Fat Darrell is chockful of fried delights such as chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, marinara sauce, French fries, lettuce, tomato all encased inside a giant roll. Not surprising that all told, the ingredients are worth an estimated 45 grams of fat.

Jack-N-Grill's 7-Pound Breakfast Burrito

While Colorado routinely tops lists as one of America's overall healthiest states, the 7-pound breakfast burrito at Centennial State's Jack-N-Grill restaurant certainly won't be mistaken for health food. The burritos legend grew even further when Adam Richman, host of the Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food" recently stopped by to partake in the challenge presented by this breakfast behemoth. The ingredients list reads like a recipe to feed an army, and includes seven potatoes, 12 eggs, a pound of ham, a whole onion, cheese, and chili. The burrito packs quite a punch, with the pound of ham and 12 eggs alone packing nearly 100 grams of fat, which is almost twice a woman's upper daily limit for fat.

Doogie's 2-Foot Long Hot Dog

Hot Dogs have long been targeted as a bane of those looking to cut fat out of their diets, so the stakes get even more serious when you're looking at a full 2 feet of hot dog from the legendary Doogie's of Hartford, Conn. This 2-foot-long pork and beef hot dog comes on a bed of three rolls and is topped off with an array of toppings that include onions, peppers, chili, cheddar cheese sauce and, of course, bacon. The average foot-long hot dog will set you back about 24 grams of fat, 10 grams of which are saturated. But this is double that, plus it has bacon, chili, and cheddar cheese.

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