Christmas Airfare Is Up 10 Percent From Last Year


2. Flight delays – It's winter everywhere and delayed and canceled flights will happen. Know your carrier's phone number if you have to arrange another flight. Don't jump in a long line to rebook a canceled flight – hop on a terminal train, exit security or find a VIP lounge (they won't turn you away) to get that ticket rebooked.

3. Technology – Download your carrier's apps to your phone, save its phone number and get a flight-tracking app as well. Also, sign up for text alerts for your flight. Sometimes you'll get a text about a change before it's announced at the gate. Do it for your family and friends on the other end as well, so everyone is on the same page about pickup times.

4. Flying Families – Pack a backpack for your kid(s) to make sure they stay entertained throughout the entire trip. Make sure to include snacks, to save money at the airport and on the flight -- extra batteries and unpacked chargers are gold if you get stuck at the airport.

5. Gifts – If you have to bring them on the plane, don't wrap them, as security may just make you unwrap them. Best bet: Mail them to your destination. It might cost a little, but it will save space in your luggage.

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