Fantasy Fees the Airlines Would Love to Charge

5. Promises, promises fee

This could be called the Boeing fee. Remember all those Dreamliner delays and the plane's monthslong grounding by the U.S. government? Even now, some airlines still report odd issues cropping up with their Boeing 787s which cost them money. Boeing doesn't talk about what it's done or doing for these carriers but if it's not enough, who pays? Time to pass the hat to the passengers. Or maybe, no more cappuccinos!

6. Mother Nature fees

I appreciate how airlines generally waive change fees in advance of severe weather. This can save passengers money and save the airlines stress from having to deal with the drama that ensues with trying to unwind passengers stuck at connecting or destination airport in the middle of a meteorological meltdown.

Carbon emission fees and headwind surcharges (yes, the Jetstream variety) are but a few of the revenue dehancers that airlines will be looking to recoup from passengers.

7. Flight attendant airplane mode fee

This is a brand new fee for brand new regulation: A charge for ignoring the flight attendant when he or she tells you to put your electronic device into "airplane mode" at take-off. The good news is you won't have to turn your device all the way off, thanks to newly relaxed rules from the FAA. You can connect to your airline's WiFi if available (and a lot of the time it's not available below 10,000 feet). So airplane mode, yes; cellphone calls, no.

Not in airplane mode? There would be a fee for that. Caution: Fees would be automatically doubled anytime a passenger complains to a crew member, "How come I see you making cellphone calls during the descent?" (Good question!)

Here's a thought: Since so many flyers claim they tip flight attendants, this might be the time to see if 10 bucks will get you a flight attendant willing to show how to find airplane mode on your phone or tablet! In Fantasy Fee Land, bribery is sometimes acceptable.

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