The Cruise 13: How to Avoid Packing on the Pounds

Soumya, my butler, brought chocolate truffles one evening a few days ago. They are still on the plate wrapped in plastic. On any other cruise they wouldn't have made it to bedtime. I debated whether to ask him to take them away but decided instead to keep them for a cocktail party.

I make it to the fitness center every day we are at sea. Eventually, a few men show up too. I do 20 minutes on the treadmill. It seems everyone on the ship is in better shape than me.

I'm not really feeling deprived by avoiding the heavy fattening foods. If anything, I'm feeling guilty over eating too much of the healthier foods. Last night I felt I ate too many scallops; the night before too many crab legs.

But that scale, the one that only displays weight in kilograms, faces me every day in my cabin.

I get on the scale two weeks into the cruise. My weight remains the same. My feelings are mixed. I wish I could have lost a couple of pounds but at least I didn't gain weight. It's more than I've ever been able to accomplish before.

Next stop, Brazil, the end of the cruise and the final part of the story. Can I hold off temptation until I walk off the "gangweigh?

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