Odd Things Other Countries Warn About Travel in the USA

I tried to find this myself on the English language edition of the German government site, but after entering the terms "United States" and "nude bathing," was told my search "produced too many results."


Crime and weather: Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade actually says, "Crime remains relatively low in the US." However, the weather is another matter and there are numerous warnings about hurricanes including the fact that the season runs from June until the end of November and "can affect the whole of the southern US."

Temperatures: I suppose the extreme temperature variations in a big country like the U.S. could come as a shock to residents of this temperate isle, so they are drilled in the basics: "When it is hot, drink plenty of water and apply sun screen" and also, "When it is cold, keep warm with layers of clothes." Can't argue with that.


I admit my Italian is pretty rusty (okay, non-existent), but I couldn't help but notice a prominent link at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs site which takes you to Cal Fire. This, as you might expect, is a website devoted (mostly) to brushfires in California. Luckily, there are no signs of raging infernos at the moment but the site also features some charming Arbor Week posters by school kids which may please art-loving Italians.

Finally, to our friends overseas or across the border, please come see us. I promise we'll warn you about any developing hurricanes.

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