Psychic Offers Travel Guidance to Reduce Commuter Stress

PHOTO: Linda Lauren said she is a fourth generation psychic medium and uses her gift to counsel clients along their way.PlayABC News
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A bad travel experience can ruin anyone's day, but a self-described travel psychic says she knows the secrets to guiding people away from the aggravation of crowds, delays and traffic and towards a smoother journey.

Linda Lauren said she is a fourth generation psychic medium and uses her gift to counsel clients along their way, whether it's for a vacation or their daily commute -- think part travel agent, part ghost whispered.

"I can pinpoint a person's energy so that I can work with how they're going to travel, and what they need to watch out for in terms of pitfalls or how they react," she said. "Energy is everywhere."

Lauren uses several tools of the psychic trade for her clients' readings: a "hope deck" of cards she designed herself, calendars, astrology charts, numerology and crystals and will often see visions. For airline delays, Lauren said she sees a clock with numbers reversed or maybe upside down. When it comes to road detours, she sees red lights.

"If I'm envisioning traffic for this person, I'll see a whole bunch of people in a can of sardines," she said laughing. "I know it sounds weird."

A half-hour session with Lauren costs $90, but her clients say not only is she worth the money, it also helps their businesses, although many of them admitted they would never tell their customers they use a travel psychic to plan business meetings.

"What I use Linda for is the same what I would use my accountant for or my attorney," said Todd Evans, one of Lauren's clients. "If you have to do a lot of business and big business and it really makes a difference."

While flying in a post-9/11 world has made travel increasingly stressful, and the highways have become clogged with more cars, more and more frequent travelers are turning to psychics like Lauren for directions.

Jeff Moran is a self-described control freak, who said he is on the road about 60 percent of the time, between traveling for his high-powered public relations job and personal trips. He sees Lauren for a travel reading about once every two months.

"What stresses me out is everybody else doesn't know what they're doing," Moran said. "If I can at least stack the deck in my favor, I will finally find that golden halo of business travel isn't as bad as what it really is to the rest of the world who's not following this advice."

While it all sounds a little like hocus-pocus, Lauren's clients swear by her readings.

"I've been on the receiving end of, 'Don't take that plane,' and then that plane went out of service the next day because there was an issue with the engine," Moran said. "So I trust this woman implicitly with watching out for me."

In one reading, Moran was asking Lauren for guidance on a trip home to Pittsburgh to spend Christmas with his family. Lauren advised him to take the Pennsylvania turnpike. When "Nightline" caught up with Moran after the holiday, he said he ran into delays because of rain.

"[Lauren] didn't predict that it would be pouring rain, but I defend her by saying even the meteorologist didn't predict that," Moran said.