SF Politician Working to Rename SFO Airport to Honor Harvey Milk


"It's a great opportunity to affect over 40 million people a year, even if it's just a pause for a moment," said Milk.

Although the initiative is in its early stages, the Harvey Milk Foundation is "thrilled and excited." Milk co-founded the foundation with Anne Kronenberg, Harvey's campaign manager, in 2009 after accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom in Washington, D.C., on his uncle's behalf. The nonprofit organization works globally to help not just those within the LGBT community but any minority group struggling for equality, including the disabled and the elderly.

"We know that society change doesn't always catch up with legal change. So we may have a law in New York, for example, that allows gay marriage, but kids are still being picked on in Long Island," said Milk. "It's an abstract change for a lot of these young people, but going through an airport and having something at the level of a JFK and it being Harvey Milk International--that helps move societal change."

Echoing Stuart Milk, Campos said, "We, in San Francisco, haven't seen the Harvey Milk name on the ballot since he was elected supervisor. There's a very special significance to it."

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