Meet Phil Keoghan: 'Amazing' host, amazing experiences

Q: People have dissed The Amazing Race for perpetuating "Ugly American" stereotypes, from screaming at cabdrivers to running around in tank tops in a conservative country. Guilty as charged? A: There are some people in this country who travel as an ugly American, and some who don't. We can't play it one way and make a show that's only about those who are respectful and try to do the right thing, because that's not reality. Hopefully, discerning viewers are saying, that is a side we don't want to perpetuate, and contrasting it with a team that takes the opposite approach. With Chip and Kim (married parents who won the race in Season 5), that's exactly what happened: They were very respectful to the locals, and the locals went out of their way to help them, and they ended up with good karma. Five minutes later, another team came in that were very rude and judgmental. That's what makes our show interesting.

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