Could Lena Be Europe's Next Teen Star?

Next to the Real Stars, Meyer-Landrut's Limits Become Clear

Appearing alongside the world renowned stars that are on offer this evening the limits to Meyer-Landrut's talent are visible. Next to Shakira, who can really dance, and Netrebko, who can really sing, Meyer-Landrut comes across as an 18-year-old with little stage experience. And next to Ditto, an indie-icon for lesbians and overweight girls everywhere as well as style icon to Karl Lagerfeld, Meyer-Landrut comes across as fairly tame. Still, she's quick witted in her talk with the host of the show. It made me feel sick, she says when asked what she thinks of the Russian opera singer. But then the well-brought up young lady quickly rescues the situation by adding, "I thought it was super. I'd listen to it again -- seriously."

Last up on the show tonight is the world famous German heavy metal band The Scorpions. The group just released a new album, their 17th, and are starting on a world tour to support it. The seasoned musicians rock out: The musicians are all over 40, most of them closer to 60, and despite their ages they perform in undignified black leather pants. But the Scorpions were not always like this. Forty years ago they too were young men from the German provinces -- in fact they come from the same town as Meyer-Landrut, Hanover.

Dreams of Pop Stardom

Meyer-Landrut is not as far removed from the heavy rock band as one might imagine, either. Music, and especially pop music, is all about desire and dreams. And these are not the dreams of the cool kids sitting in the cool clubs of New York, London and Berlin. These are the dreams dreamt in the bedrooms of children everywhere from Hanover to Dubrovnik.

Most of these teenagers in provincial cities around the world still do the same thing: They hang posters of their idols on their walls, they listen to the same song over and over again, and they look up videos and live performances on YouTube. They dream of exciting, different lives. Many of them pose like their heroes, most likely singing into a hairbrush, in front of the mirror. A few of them even dare to take that act out of their bedrooms. But only a few manage to turn their own love and enjoyment of pop music into something that others can relate to, too. At that stage their dream becomes reality and their new reality, the fodder for other's dreams.

The fantasies engendered by pop music are still the same, the European community is growing closer and there are cities like Hanover all over this continent and further afield. Additionally, although the 17-year-old Eurovision candidate from Azerbaijan is also a contender, betting shops all over Europe are calling Meyer-Landrut the favorite to win the Eurovision. In the past these forecasts have been fairly reliable. The view from Germany: There is no reason whatsoever why the love of the German-speaking fans for their new star Meyer-Landrut should be confined to just one country.

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