Cover Model's Dog Dies on United Flight

She claims the plane was turned off twice, for 15 minutes at a time, before takeoff. She also claims United Airlines called her veterinarian and said Rizer had authorized them to review the necropsy results, something she said she did not do.

The airline told ABC News it was in the process of refunding the cost of travel for both pets.

"Aside from being completely emotionally distraught over the loss of our little Bea, I am so saddened by the complete lack of competence, honesty and compassion that United has shown," she wrote. "I am not writing this to start a lawsuit or to get anyone to stop flying United. I am writing this to help make people aware that airlines are incapable of ensuring the safety of our pets. All it takes is for one employee to not follow the proper procedure and then like me, your dog is dead."

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