7 Ways to Save a Quick $20 Per Flight

Say you live in Toledo and want to go to Washington, D.C. You'll pay $490 for the trip. But, if you don't mind the 60 mile drive to Detroit's airport, the price drops to $240. Is it worth the drive to save more than half? Maybe if you leave the driving to someone else, which brings us to the last tip.

7. Save $20 or more on the drive to the airport

Couple of things you can do:

• Get friends or family to take you (and offer to chauffeur them in return) • Look into airport shuttles

The second one is easy if you live near a major hub. For example, a taxi to Los Angeles International from the San Fernando Valley is about $65 (before tip) but the SuperShuttle which serves major airports around the country costs just $37 and really savvy LA travelers take the Flyaway bus for just $8 (parking is extra).

What will you do with all the money you save? A nice, dry martini might hit the spot for starters.

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