Are You Smarter Than a 12th Grader?


12th Grade Sample Questions

1. A consequence of Prohibition was

A) the failure of the Republicans in the 1928 presidential election B) the growth of organized crime C) the turning of public attention to pressing international issues D) widespread popular support for further moral reform

2. North Korea was helped by this ally during the Korean War:

A) Japan B) The Philippines C) Hong Kong D) China

3. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's goal in supporting the Lend-Lease Act of 1941 was to

A) Encourage Japanese Americans to relocate voluntarily B) Use foreign investment as a way of stimulating the American economy C) Maintain an isolationist stance by providing only limited aid to both sides of the European conflict D) Assist Britain's war effort without violating United States neutrality laws

4. Before the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese broke free from this colonizer:

A) Britain B) China C) France D) Russia

5. What main factors contributed to the growth of suburbs?

A) Increases in automobile ownership B) The building of a modern highway system C) Tax deductions for mortgage interest D) All of the above

6. In the 1970's the United States economy was directly affected by

A) a sharp increase in the price of oil B) an increase in the cost of solar energy C) an overall decline in international trade D) a rapid decline in prices of consumer goods

7. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Warsaw Pact are best described as two

A) Organizations founded by the European Economic Community to promote trade between Europe and the United States B) Treaties negotiated between the allies and the Central Powers at Versailles after the First World War C)Bodies established by the United Nations to promote peace within multiethnic European countries such as Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia D) Military organizations made up, respectively, of the United States and its allies and the Soviet Union and its allies during the Cold War

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