In Louisiana, a School Prayer Showdown

"Our attorneys have stated publicly that there was some misinformation about what was and what was not acceptable," Benitez said.

The school district is now engaged in "training for all personnel throughout the district about what is allowed and what is not allowed to protect our employees as well as the children where this case is concerned." The school district is still fighting to be able to pray before school board meetings, Benitez said.

Some conservative Christians are unmoved by the opinions of those who might be offended by public prayer.

"Oh darling heart, let me tell you -- if the word 'Jesus Christ' offends them, you can believe Christ is gonna be offended when he comes in all his glory," said resident Jerry Pullum. "They're gonna know what being offended is."

With some legal experts saying the case could potentially end up before the Supreme Court, both sides say this is an important test case for the whole country. It's the only thing they agree on.

Avery Miller contributed to this report.

Click here for more reporting on the debate over school prayer.

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